Saturday, April 10, 2010

The place she can't reach is still there in the distance

♪♫ That bird still can't fly well
but someday she will know the feeling of cutting through the wind
The place she can't reach is still there in the distance
she gazes at it, keeping her wish to herself
. ♫♪

Heart Bag

Today my husband, Ryu-chan, Chucho and I went out for a picnic, I so wanted to do it for the longest time, but husband has work to do at that time, but today he said yes! So instead of eating here we prepared a little snack and headed to the forest.

The day was beautiful, and even though the wind was a bit cold, the sun warmed us through the pine trees. I didn't want this day to end.., days like this are so rare for me, that I enjoy them so much and the days that follow are quite sad..

I'll embrace this day in my arms.., strongly, and never let go...

Picnic 01

Ryu-chan's Bento

Me Eating, quite flattering..

Profile Outfit Photo

Through the Trees

Not Asleep Yet..

Sleeping now..

Just Posing

Love my Ryu-chan

Love My Chucho!


I'm so cool.. xD

Kiss Kiss

So tired..

Skirt: Emily Temple cute.
Cutsew: Pinky Girls.
Cardigan: MANGO.
Socks: Calzedonia.
Shoes: Secret Shop.
Alice-Bow: Baby the Stars Shine Bright.
Belt: Off-brand.
Accessories: Chocomint.



  1. GUAPAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Podría estar horas gritándotelo, yaaaaaaaaaaaw!

  2. tu blog es una delicia! ese outfit es precioso!!

  3. De guapa nada! Wenorraaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Que guay que hayais ido de picnic, me trae recuerdos de cuando fuimos al parque y los japos nos hacian fotos xD


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