Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Aprilia in the Sun & Ryu-chan in Love

Like I said yesterday, we went for a walk so I could take Aprilia some photos in her new clothes, these are the first little-sized clothes I ever make, so they are not perfect, but pretty good for the first time..

As a child I used to love designing clothes for my Barbies, but as I didn't know how to sew, I would pin the fabric onto their bodies.. xDD Yes.., with pins!! xDDDD

Please, don't pay attention to the boots that doesn't match the outfit, but this is the only footwear she owns at the moment.. xDDD

14-04-2010 01
14-04-2010 02
14-04-2010 03
14-04-2010 04
14-04-2010 05
14-04-2010 06

The sun was so pretty and warm.., and the yellow flowers so lovely.., I just wanted to lie there myself under the sun..
There were lots of people running and cycling, and they all kept staring at this crazy woman taking photos of a doll.. If people form this town used to think I was crazy.., now they know for sure! xDDD

And just because I find these photos the sweetest ever.., I'll share them with you..

..she loves me not..
"she loves me.., she loves me not.."

..she loves me..
"she loves me.."

YUSSSS!! She loves me!!

My son is in love with a girl from his class, and even if he confessed and the girl told him she liked a kid two years older, he won't give up on her.

Isn't he the cutest! Just look at his HAPPY face!!! ♥

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