Thursday, April 22, 2010

Trip day 1: Rome, Italy

Our flight to Rome was planned to take off at 06.00 am on Saturday, March 20th, so we arrived at the airport around 03.20 am, we did the check-in as soon as we arrived and went directly to police control & customs. What we didn't know was that the problems had already started without us even knowing..
The girl at the counter was SO stupid that she didn't know how to check a kid, and she was about 10 minutes trying to do so..; and her stupidity made her make a mistake that kinda fucked-up my trip, but let's leave that for the next post..

At Barajas Check-in
Alitalia counters at Barajas, Madrid clogged with very loud youngsters on school trip.

Eating at the check-in Queue
Ryu-chan decided the check-in queue was a great place
to have an spontaneous early breakfast.. xDD

I must add that we almost loose our flight thanks to police control, they only had one machine working and lots of people from two different flights were fighting to be the first passing through it. After passing through customs, they were already making the last call and us running along the terminal, and it wasn't even the T4.., but endless nonetheless..

Ready to Take-off
Happy to be on the plane!

We arrived at Fumicino, Rome at 08.40 am, but since our flight for Narita wasn't taking off until 15.00 pm, we decided to go visit Rome, the Colosseum, more precisely.

At Fumicino
At Fumicino Airpot, also known as Leonardo DaVinci Airport.

We took a train to Rome, and later made combination with the metro for the Colosseum. While we were waiting for the metro to arrive, my husband says: "Look, one of your kind.." I didn't understand at first, but then I looked and there was a lolita with what I think was an AP print, yellow tea party shoes and SWIMMER headphones, I was to far away from her so I can't tell how she looked like, and it would've been strange for me to approach and say "Hi!".. xDD

At Lido Station to the Colosseum
Ryu-chan at Lido Station waiting for the metro for the Colosseum.

We had no problem to find the Colosseum, the station name was "Colosseum" and it was quite viewable from the station exit.. xD

Colosseo Station 01
What you see when you get out of the station.

Colosseum 01
Here you have it! The amazing Colosseum..
I must admit I imagined it was bigger, but it's not the size that matters,
it's the beauty of it; so yeah.., it's impressive!

Inner & Outer Walls
The inner and outer walls.

Colosseo Station 02
Ryu-chan was so tired he sat down while my husband
and I were taking photos.

The surroundings were really pretty, full of ruins and green areas that are all part of the Colosseum.

Don't remember what those Ruines were..
Some ruins I don't remember what they were.. ¬.¬

Arc of Constantine
Ryu-chan & I with the Arc of Constantine at the back.

Once inside, we decided to take the guided tour, so we could at least understand what we were looking at.
I have to say again that I imagined it bigger, to me the interior looked specially small.
They make it look bigger on films.

The Arena 01

The Arena 02

Two photos of the Arena from different points of view,
and the Interior Seating.
Not as big as I thought it was, but more beautiful indeed!

After the tour, we went to the shop to see if we could buy some not so expensive and quite small souvenirs.
We did found something and someone.., it was so funny! Suddenly, my husband goes all secretive and tells me: "Look, Bono, the politician"; so he took a photo of him.. xDD
Yes.! We have a Bono in Spain, and it's not Bono Vox.. xDD, he's the President of the Congress of Deputies.

Colosseum Souvenirs

José Bono.. LOL
The postcard and the helmet we bought,
and the photo my husband took of the Spanish Bono.. xDD

And some more photos of the place as we were leaving to the airport again..

Seatings in the Background
The seating system, quite simple:
Rich people close to the arena, poor people up there..

Marble Columns Bases
Some marble columns bases..

Awesome Pillars

Travertine Pillars
The awesome pillars I fell in love with!

Then we took the metro and the train again to go back to the airport since it was 12.00 pm and we wanted to eat something before the flight.
We arrived at the airport and had some focaccia.., then headed to our gate after passing through the police control again.., so much fun!! Weeee! =_=
Got on the plane and started the killer flight which wasn't that bad at all, I was so tired that I almost slept the whole time.., but that's next post story..

Focaccia before the Killer Flight
The focaccia before the flight.
The chicken one was quite tasty.., but not as much as the one my husband makes! :3333

I hope I didn't bored you too much, but I like reading detailed trips, so that's what I try to do myself! :DD

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