Thursday, April 1, 2010

Aprilia Kimchi

Here I am, back from my Tokyo touch & go.. xDD
I know I should've written earlier since it's been 4 days I came back, but I just couldn't; jet-lag, post-vacation depression, plus yesterday I caught a terrible flu and can't live with it!

Anyway.., I'm not going to talk about the trip yet, instead I want to present you all: Aprilia Kimchi, my daughter in doll form.. xDD
I would've loved to have a little girl when I was pregnant, I was going to call her Aprilia after the motorcycles brand.. xDDD Instead, was a demon in form of a boy.. xPP
So my fairy godmother Tamar gave me this precious little one as a present! Isn't she a sweetheart?!!
She gave it to me last week when I arrived at Tokyo, and I must say I cried and all that jazz.., but, who wouldn't?!

Aprilia 01

Aprilia 02

Aprilia 03

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