Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday's Movie Night #2: Don't Deliver Us from Evil.

The main reason I love this movie is because of the friendship both girls share. They might be twisted, but they share so many things. Maybe I like this aspect of the movie because I never had a real friendship, I don't know.
Some may consider "Mais ne nous délivrez pas du mal" offensive, but I don't see how, it's actually pretty realistic. People compare it to "Heavenly Creatures", and while I can see the resemblance, I prefer this one since it's a little more extreme and feels more real, I don't know how to explain it, but it's less structured, it flows better.

"Nous aurons des lits pleins d'odeurs légères,
Des divans profonds comme des tombeaux,
Et d'étranges fleurs sur des étagères,
Ecloses pour nous sous des cieux plus beaux.

Usant à l'envi leurs chaleurs dernières,
Nos deux coeurs seront deux vastes flambeaux,
Qui réfléchiront leurs doubles lumières
Dans nos deux esprits, ces miroirs jumeaux.

Un soir fait de rose et de bleu mystique,
Nous échangerons un éclair unique,
Comme un long sanglot, tout chargé d'adieux;

Et plus tard un Ange, entr'ouvrant les portes,
Viendra ranimer, fidèle et joyeux,
Les miroirs ternis et les flammes mortes.


Ô Mort, vieux capitaine, il est temps! levons l'ancre!
Ce pays nous ennuie, ô Mort! Appareillons!
Si le ciel et la mer sont noirs comme de l'encre,
Nos coeurs que tu connais sont remplis de rayons!

Verse-nous ton poison pour qu'il nous réconforte!
Nous voulons, tant ce feu nous brûle le cerveau,
Plonger au fond du gouffre, Enfer ou Ciel, qu'importe?
Au fond de l'Inconnu pour trouver du nouveau!"

Mais ne nous délivrez pas du mal (Don't Deliver Us from Evil).
Joël Séria.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday's Favourites #9

1- Pink skirt from Primark.
2- Faux wood glasses from Stradivarius.
3- Socks from Stradivarius.
4- Spring bag from ASOS.
5- Floral dress from Romwe.
6- Butterfly tops from ZARA.
7- Colourful bangles from Forever21.
8- Garden wedges from Zappos.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

{ LOOKBOOK } Searching our hearts for so long, both of us knowing...

♪♫ You're beggin' me to go, you're makin' me stay
Why do you hurt me so bad?
It would help me to know
Do I stand in your way, or am I the best thing you've had?
Believe me, believe me, I can't tell you why
But I'm trapped by your love, and I'm chained to your side
. ♫♪


You'll think I'm crazy, but I have this matchy-matchy pet-peeve that won't let me make more fun looks; and if you look close, the colour of the sweater and the colour of the tights are not exactly the same, but I didn't realize of that when I put them on, until I was out and saw them with the light of day. Believe me if I tell you I was so mad that I refused to look down the whole day; and now that I see the photos is driving me crazy.

I can mix patterns and textures, that's totally fine with me, and I can combine colours that most people would hate together, but why on earth can't I mix colours that are not the same or create unbalanced colour combinations?! I really need help with this subject.


Sweater: Candy Stripper.
Shorts: VERO MODA.
Tights: Atmosphere.
Boots: Merkal Calzado.
Coat: Stradivarius.
Accessories: (old).
Lips: Lancôme - Juicy Tubes 19 Lychee.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday's Movie Night #1: "The Spirit of the Beehive".

Many won't agree with me, but I find this movie so inspiring and magical. Some find it slow paced, some find it boring and some find it meaningless. But good stories don't need to be fast paced, and I think it's perfect the way it is.
Two things I love about this movie, Ana's eyes and the overwhelming hands close-ups, and no, I don't have a hand fetish, hahaha! Plus the scene when Teresa is in bed and she wakes up, I totally see myself in there.


"Ya ni rencor ni desprecio
ya ni temor de mudanza
tan sólo sed…, una sed
de un no sé qué que me mata
rios de vida, ¿do vais?
aire! que el aire me falta
¿Qué ves en el fondo oscuro?
¿Qué ves que tiemblas y callas?
¡No veo! Miro cual mira
un ciego al sol cara a cara
Yo voy a caer en donde
nunca el que cae se levanta." 

Víctor Erice.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday's Favourites #8

1- Mint heart sweater from LOVE.
2- 7 dwarfs necklace & ring set from ASOS.
3- Pleated colour block dress from Lulu*s.
4- Flowers yellow skirt from ASOS.
5- Rainbow plastic bangles from Forever21.
6- Wedges from Seychelles.
7- Soul sista eye-liners, shadows & nail-polishes from Essence.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Snippets of Spring


When I was younger I used to dislike spring, but as I grew older I started embracing all the colours, the warmer weather, the sounds of spring. So let's celebrate the awakening of the Earth! Do your annual spring cleaning, wear colourful clothes, grow a seed, connect with nature, or just do what spring inspires you to do.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

{ LOOKBOOK } But, I know you're laughing from the inside out.

♪♫ Oh, please give me a little more
And I'll push away those baby blues
Cause one of these days this will die
So will me and so will you
. ♫♪

♪♫ Mouthful of Cavities - Blind Melon ♫♪

Yesterday I had a really bad day, but today I felt like dressing up and enjoy a walk with my son, of course we ended up at the mall. You see we don't have a lot to do around here if we don't hop on a bus and go to the city, so, since we have a little mall near, that's what we usually do, hahaha!
We go mostly to walk, because most of the times we go, we stay for half an hour and we come back home with my husband who works there.
I didn't bought anything today, but I spied a lovely yellow spring coat that I need for obvious reasons. And there I was, at the shop, trying it on and saying out loud how beautiful it was and how it could go with anything in my closet; the clerks there gave me funny looks, and I think it was because nobody wanted them, the rack was full of those gorgeous yellow coats!! So, nothing to worry about, they will be there next week...

Also, I wanted to ask you if you could be kind enough to vote me here, in this contest; it'd mean a lot to me! Thank you so much in advance! <3








Dress: Vero Moda.
Cardigan: syrup x Disney.
Tights: Calzedonia.
Bag: Blanco.
Shoes: ebay.
Belt: Blanco.
Accessories: ebay, Blanco & Bijou Brigitte.
Lips: NYX - BLL174 Nude & Lancôme - Lip Gloss 322 Pink but not innocent.


And here is a photo of my little boy, who's not that little anymore, he's growing a lot day by day, and even if he gives me lots of headaches I love him with all my life!! He's so handsome and stylish today that I felt like sharing a photo of the boy behind the camera.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday's Favourites #7

1- Floral dress from Romwe.
2- Colourful Bangles from Forever21.
3- Apple bag from Primark.
4- Pastel platform sandals from ZARA.
5- Cateye sunglasses from ASOS.
6- Baby blue embroidered blouse from ASOS.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

{ LOOKBOOK } And after that you don't ask why

I think it's because I'm clumsy
I try not to talk too loud
Maybe it's because I'm crazy
I try not to act too proud
. ♫♪


♪♫ Luka - Suzanne Vega ♫♪

Yesterday I was hoping to go to the mall to buy a set of bracelets I saw last weekend, but in the end I got all pretty and didn't go anywhere. So as frustrated as I was, I took my son to the almond trees to snap a few shots before all the flowers fall.

I been meaning to change the ugly black buttons on this blouse since I bought it, I wanted something brown and delicate, some wooden flower buttons, or something like that, but I always forget to look for them.















Skirt: Blanco.
Cardigan: (doesn't have a tag).
Tights: Calzedonia.
Boots: dreamV.
Bag: Blanco.
Belt: Blanco.
Accessories: Bijou Brigitte & Blanco.
Lips: NYX - LSS 563A CHIC.

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