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Trip Day 2: Tokyo Arrival & Harajuku

OK.., so let's continue with the second day of the trip, our arrival at Narita airport, the chaos, the despair and Harajuku on Sunday..

So.., after 9 hours or so of flight, we arrive at Narita, our timing was great, the landing.., not so much; Ryu-chan and I got sick due to the killer turbulences and the recent breakfast. The difference between him and me, is that I was SO discrete that no one realized I felt sick, Ryu-chan, instead, remind me of that part in the film "Stand by Me" at the Tart eating contest.. OK.., you get the picture.. xDDDD

First we had to fill the immigration papers they didn't give us on board because they forgot them, so customs was cluttered with people trying to understand what to write and where to go, only me fighting with a son that stench of yoghurt.. DD:
When we finally sorted migration.., we headed to collect the baggage. I was really anxious at this point because the only thing I wanted was to change Ryu-chan's clothes.., so I run down stairs!

Welcome to Japan!
Welcome to Japan! The worse is yet to come..

Very few people were there at this point.., so no problem to pick up the luggage, except for the fact that MY suitcase wasn't there.. OH YES! You heard right.., it wasn't! SO I spent like 40 minutes filling papers and trying to understand the poor Japanese guy speaking engrish. It was quite a show.., I was almost crying, Ryu wanted clean clothes, and my husband was sick of Ryu's smell.. xDD
After 40 minutes trying to understand each others and trying to find where my suitcase was, they told me that it was in Rome, and the next day they were going to send it to the hotel when it'd arrive. And I was naive enough to believe it.. =_=
So we went directly to take the Airport Limousine to Shinjuku..

Waiting for the Airport Lumousine

My two "Borjas" waiting alone.., the airport was deserted.., just us.. xDD

Airport Limousine Ride
Ryu-chan inside the bus, happy to have clean clothes on!

After an hour trip, we arrived at Shinjuku, were Tamar was supposed to be waiting for us, but due to our problems and subsequent dilate, she dilated too.. xDD
Luckily it wasn't much of a wait, and after the so long waited meeting.. (I know she cried a little when she hugged me.. xDDDD), she guided us through Shinjuku station to Takadanobaba, where the hotel was.

It was a beautiful day, and I wanted to take photos of everything, but I was so tired and had to carry Ryu's luggage that I couldn't even take my phone out of the pocket to snap some pictures.
At the hotel we did the check-in and tried to adjust to a very strange english; now I understand how native english speakers have it hard to understand english with foreign accents.., so hard! DD:

After leaving everything in the room, I went down to the girl's room to meet Eva and Maka. there Tamar gave me the lovely Aprilia as a gift and I cried (but I cried for real!!), and then we went to Harajuku for sight-seeing and eating.

Takeshita-dori 01
At Harajuku station and the first peek at Takeshita-dori, it's crazy!!

Takeshita-dori 02
Crazy but awesome!!
There were so many people and we were walking so fast, that I didn't see a thing.. XDD

Around 5 pm. we arrived at the eating place.., an awesome building called Design Festa Gallery full of crazy art and awesome people. There were many little showrooms, mini galleries, and places to eat or drink.., there was Sakura-tei, an Okonomiyaki restaurant.
After a while trying to decide what to ask, we all went with different things, I picked a Monja-yaki since it didn't have any fish or anything from the sea.. xDD But it was harder to make than an Okonomi-yaki since it doesn't have egg.., but I cheated and later used my husband's Okonomiyaki's egg and could eat something.., but my jet-lag was so strong that I wasn't that hungry.

Design Festa Gallery
Entering the Design Festa Gallery.., crazy, huh?

Okonomiyaki at Sakura-tei
All the Okonomi-yaki and Monja-yaki being cooked!
I can't stop laughing at the donut-like monjayaki.. xDD

The restaurant was so cool! All with fantastic artwork on the walls and awesome ambient, of course I regret not taking more photos.., but with my phone camera this is all I could do.., plus my battery charger was inside the suitcase and I didn't want to run out of battery in case the airport people called me.

Ryu-chan at Sakura-tei
Maka at Sakura-tei

Here you get the picture of how the place was, with Ryu and Maka posing..

Later we went for a very quick visit to Harajuku's Closet Child, and I must say that now I don't regret that much not visiting any Emikyu real store, Closet Child is Emikyu's paradise! So many dream prints of mine, some cheap, some expensive, some impossible!!
And here is where I obtained my first piece of cloth.., one of my dream prints ever in the best colour!! Emikyu's 'Trump Print' JSK in Blue!! ♥

The story of how I got it is quite interesting; Maka got it for herself.., but since it was too long for her (it's quite long for me too), and I wanted so much, so much.., Tamar and Eva paid for the third part of the dress each of them and then the three of them gave it to me as a present since I didn't have clothes due to my lost suitcase.. xDD

Trump Print Blue JSK
Trump Print Blue JSK (detail)
Beauty in form of a JSK.., I couldn't be more happy!! :DDD

After visiting Laforet to buy intimate clothes in SWIMMER, which I'm not showing, we left for the hotel since we were dying and wanted to sleep forever.., but that forever were only 7 hours.. xDD

I hope you enjoyed this update on the trip with so little photos and lots of ranting.. xDD
Next will be better, and the other will be non-existent because I don't have photos.., Maka.. I know you have.., please upload them somewhere so I can have them too!! :333

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  1. En serio, esta semana te lo envio todo! palabrita de lolita a la que los vestidos le venian largos y no tenía ni idea xDDD

    Por qué siempre salgo tan mal en las fotos?!


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