Friday, July 29, 2011

GM's "Motorama" short films.

I remember back in the late 90s, a music video from David Bowie; Hallo Spaceboy, apart from loving the song and wanting Bowie's earring, I was amazed by the footage of the video, which I didn't know where it came from.
Like a year ago or so I thought it would be easy to find out, and it was.. It turned out to be a short musical sponsored film made for "Motorama", an auto show staged by General Motors from 1949 to 1961.

"Design for Dreaming" was the sponsored film for the 1956 Motorama, and it's starred by Tad Tadlock, a woman who wants to go to the Motorama, and Marc Breaux, some sort of fairy godfather that grants her wish and takes her to the Motorama and Frigidaire's "Kitchen of the Future".

Woman: I'm a girl who happens to think that a brand new car is better than mink.
Man: Since it's just a dream and involves no money,
which one would you like me to buy you, honey?

Woman: I want a Corvette!
Man: I thought you would.
Woman: Ooh! I want a Pontiac too!
Man: Okay, we'll have the usual two-car garage.

Later I found there were several films, like "A Touch of Magic" for the 1961, and last Motorama.
This one is also played by Tad Tadlock, a woman; and James Mitchell, a man at the Motorama that fall in love with each other, to finally being married and living in a 60s style home of the future.

I found both so magical and lovely, plus I love all those old cars!! <3

Thursday, July 28, 2011

July Magazines

Yes, I know I'm late for this, but I couldn't find Fudge and Tomotomo Magazine until some days ago; spoon is bimonthly. Anyways.., these are my favourite scans for this month.

July 2011 Fudge

Fudge July
Sailor themed outfits, stripes, hats & scarves, and lots of RED!

July 2011 Tomotomo

Tomotomo July
Bobs, short hairs, very androgynous looks,
something I could never pull off but love so much!

I'll never really get more hope or any more time..

♪♫ I'm always wanting more
Anything I haven't got
Everything, I want it all
I just can't stop
Planning all my days away
But never finding ways to stay
Or ever feel enough today
Tomorrow must be more


♪♫ Want - The Cure ♫♪

Went to the mall to see if I could find a brown bag on sales but I didn't have any luck; I keep finding nice ones on-line at great prices but the shipping prices makes them not so tempting..
I just realized all the bags and purses I own goes great with lolita and childish backpacks I used to wear with the weird indefinable style I used to have 14 years ago.., hahaha!!

I bought this dress back in December and never wore it; and that bracelet.., it's funny because it was a gift I received when my mum bought me two pair of Levi's jeans, they gave it to me with the tag price in it: 34€!!! I found it SO ridiculously expensive and ugly.., but I guess having it around all this time I got used to it and I thought it looked great with the wedges!!











Dress: ZARA.
Shoes: BLANCO.
Bracelet: Levi's.
Necklace: A gift.
Accessories: Bijou Brigitte.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Movies I want to live in # 3: Funny Face

Love the photography in this movie, and the clothes, those gorgeous Gyvenchy clothes!!
And every time I watch it I want to start dancing and singing in my lolita clothes, hahahha!!!

Think Pink

"She put herself in your place - all you have to do is put yourself in her place,
and you're *bound* to bump into each other in somebody's place."

Funny Face
"On how to be lovely
You got to be happy
When you can feel
light and gay
Then you'll be lovely
as a holiday.

On how to be charming
You got to be merry
If only to weave a spell
And you'll be lovely
As a carousel too.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Aye Aye..!

Some days ago my husband surprised me with the marine dress I wanted; well, it wasn't actually a surprise because he called to ask my size, but the surprise was that he entered the shop and bought clothes for me, something he hadn't done in years!!

It fits a little loose, so I'll have to shorten the shoulder straps, I'll try not to kill it!

My husband also said it would look perfect on me at our next vacations destiny, which is a total mystery for me, only my son knows where and the made a promise not to tell me, and it's driving me crazy!!!
By now the clues are that the country has probably a language of its own, it has coasts, it's in Europe; but to be honest I'm sure they are both driving me crazy and are all lies!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

2 Giveaways

It is known that I'm totally unlucky when it comes to giveaways, but you can't blame me for trying.. xDD

1- Carol from Kawaii Factory gives us the chance to win a lovely cupcake hand-made by her since she's celebrating her 400 followers. You have time until June 26th.

Kawaii Factory

2- Yuu from Let me dream is celebrating her 200 followers and is giving away a lovely Danni make-up kit, You have time until July 1st.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Orla Kiely Ready-To-Wear AW 2011-12

I discovered Orla Kiely like 2 years ago through Laia of Let me feel like a doll, and I must say that I love every collection through the seasons.

This 2011-12 A/W collection is inspired by horror films, more precisely by Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds", a film I personally love.
Here's a video showing the collection, which to me is kinda scary with those models moving and eerie dancing around; the clothes, are simply gorgeous!

And my favourite pieces form the collection:


Orla Kiely official site

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Brand: Laliblue

Today I discovered an indie Spanish accessories brand full of cute little treasures; Laliblue.
It has a lovely artwork, and the main character is Lali.

Like a month ago, the new collection was launched on the web and it's all circus inspired. I'm no circus fan, but I love the aesthetics, and this collection has the very few aspects of the circus I actually like.
I'm in love with all the brooches and the necklaces!! Sadly too expensive for me.. ;_;


Laliblue official site

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lovely Blog Award

The lovely twins, Cynthia & Vane from Girls are made of Sugar gave me "The Lovely Blog Award" (Thanks a lot, girls!!), and even if I once said I wasn't going to post awards, this one is kind of special because I'm utterly in love with their blog, so I'll make an exception.. ^^

I should be picking 15 blogs for this award, which I'm not going to do since I know none will post this, and I have to write 7 facts about me:

1- I suffer of kinetosis (or motion sickness), especially when travelling by car, even if it's a 5 minutes ride.
2- I prefer the mountain over the sea, I don't like sand at all.
3- If watching a film it has to be in the original language with subtitles, otherwise I'd probably watch it in a bad mood.
4- I love old Hollywood movies and hate modern ones.
5- I'd love to learn lots of different languages.
6- I've always wanted and still want to have 3 more kids (2 boys, 2 girls in total) but I know I'll die with only one son; my Luc.
7- I love retro and kitsch illustrations for kids.

Monday, July 18, 2011

But it's gone from your eyes, I'd better realise

♪♫ I spend so much time,
believing all the lies to keep the dream alive
Now it makes me sad,
it makes me mad at truth for loving what was you


♪♫ Eyes without a Face - Billy Idol ♫♪

Last Saturday my son and I went to the mall because he wanted to buy a few things, and I of course couldn't say no to him.
I wore the jumpsuit I bought a few weeks ago, the one I bought in white but later changed my mind and went for the light-blue; and my 'gorgeous sweet amazing' red wedges, which gave me AWFUL blisters and since it was too hot they felt so tight.., I don't know, maybe they are a little small for me, but I don't want to think about it, it makes me cry since I love them!!




Jumpsuit: Off-brand
Shoes: Epirich
Bag: Mother Garden
Belt: Off-brand
Head-bow: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Accessories: Chocomint & Bijou Brigitte


My son bought what he wanted and was also entertained by a train flea-market that was happening at the mall, now he wants some model train kits.


I bought a pair of brown sandals which I been needing since last summer and a little marine scarf at BLANCO to pair with a sailor dress I saw in another shop and was too beautiful, but I didn't buy after all since I had no money left.
My husband told me to pick it up today, but I don't know what to do, I mean.., I love it, but it's a bit classic and I'm not too sure when or where I'm going to wear it.., don't know what to do.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Inspiration: KERA streetsnaps (July 2011)

The last three are me total favourites, especially that AWESOME turquoise coat all paired with red!!!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Places I want to visit before I die..

Some time ago I made an entry somewhere regarding the places I'd like to visit, I only visited one of them, Barcelona.
I went last December with my mum and my son, because like I said before, my husband would never take me since he hates the place. I really liked it, it was smaller than I thought and a lot like Buenos Aires (OK, not that pretty), but I REALLY liked it; and of course I visited the Park Güell!!

So here are all the places I still want to visit and hope I will before I die

I always found Seoul's city lights more mesmerizing than Tokyo's,
don't ask me why.. xDD
I'd really like to go to South Korea soon! ♥

In 2007, my husband, son and I went to Euro Disney,
and we were going to take a day to visit Paris;
sadly there was a public transport strike and couldn't go while being so close.
So I'd love to visit Paris for real, and Versailles if possible!! :333

Villa Villekulla is something I need to visit since I knew there was a real one;
so I'd love to pay a visit to Gotland sometime while staying at Stockholm!
I'd wear my Pippi JSK!! :DDDD

I think my love for Finland comes from my love for Nordic Metal Music
and cold places.. xDD
Plus I find Suomi really GREAT! :333

In 2008 my husband went 3 days to London with a friend
and left Ryu-chan and I home alone.. So next time, I'd like to go the 3 of us together
and visit lots of typical places including Baker Street
and Peter Pan's statue at Kensington Park!!

Long time ago I watched a Prague documentary and I totally fell in love with it,
after that I started bothering my husband about it.
Some time later, my husband watched the same documentary and liked it a lot.
Now we both want to go!! ♥

I've always been in love with Venice, blame my Italian roots;
and I'd die to go for the Carnevale and be able to buy a real Venetian mask!! *O*

New Orleans looks like a magical place to me, I'm really sad these past years
the place and the people there had to go through so many hard times.. ;_;
I'd really like to visit this beautiful city someday.

I've always wondered how being walking The Great Wall of China would be,
I think it would be fantastic, so amazing to be in such incredible construction!

Of course I'd like to visit Amsterdam, but windmills and tulips
are my weakness when it comes to The Netherlands.

I know I already visited Japan, but it was such a short time
and I couldn't visit all I wanted, plus the Sakura trees hadn't blossomed yet..

Some years ago my husband told me he'd love to go to Istanbul and visit
The Great Bazar, I told him no way because with all my respects to those countries,
they scare the hell out of me. But after him taking me to Japan,
and my father telling me how awesome Istanbul is, I changed my mind!

Cuba is another place I'd love to visit but scares me the fact
of not being able to leave the country, hahahaha!!
But I found amazing how it looks like the time stopped there.

It's no secret I'd love to travel Europe by train,
but what really got me curious are the Transsiberian and Transmongolian train,
and I say both because I'd like to travel all across Russia, but I'd also love to
go to Beijing, even though I rather visit Shanghai or Hong Kong, instead Beijing.

Of course I'd like to visit other places apart from these, but I only posted a few, but like I said before, Europe by train, and also more places from USA, Australia and Canada.. So many places so little time and money.. DD:
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