Friday, April 2, 2010

Tokyo Souvenirs

Today I was going to start posting about the trip, about the few hours we spent at Rome, instead you'll get to know what I bought during the trip.. xDD Yes, it's all about the buys!
No, really, the thing is that I don't have all the photos from the first 3 days since I didn't have a camera and I couldn't download the photos I took with the phone due to a funny incident I'll tell you soon.

Traditional candies we bought at Asakusa.., I'm so happy I could find Kompeito somewhere, I've always wanted to try them! I don't remember the name of the others, especially the ones with the face, since the sales woman even told me the name of the guy; "strong man", she told me.. hahahaha!
My husband bought some Sakuma Drops of strange flavours, but he keeps all in his room for himself, so no photo! xDD

Chocolate & Waffle Koala Cookies fro Ryu-chan, he says there were strawberry ones too, but I didn't see them.. The waffle ones are so yummy!

Strawberry Pockys! Can you believe we couldn't find anymore than Chocolate and Man ones?
The strawberry ones were bought at the free shop at the airport..
Buuu! I SO wanted strange flavours! >.<

Chocolate, Raspberry & Passion Fruit & Matcha & Sakura flavoured Kit Kats!! The Matcha ones are so delicious!! ♥

meiji Milk Chocolate, a classic.., I have yet to try it, and I hope it's not actually a mirror.. xPPP

OOOHHH!! When I saw this, we HAD to buy it! A Wonka truck with a chocolate inside!! So awesome and delicious!!

Various things from here and there, museum souvenirs, postcards, magazines, nail polish and such.. The Mori Girl Lesson 2 mook came with a super cute tote bag with a drawing of an Alpaca.., I can't find it anywhere.., but I know it's here somewhere!

Some jewellery.., I wanted to buy so much more.., but my husband didn't let me.. DD:

All the clothes! Well, you might say they are a lot.., but the truth is that the majority of what you see were already bought last summer, what I did is make the shopping service to send it to me to the hotel I was staying..
Anyway.., lots of "new" second hand clothes ready to wear! xDDD

Aaaaaand last but not least.., my Rilakkuma Kigurumi!!! I finally have one!!!
And a Rilakkuma one!! Perfect for lounge around the house when I only want to sleep! xDDDD
I promise to post a photo of me wearing it.., it's so warm and cosy!!

I hope you liked everything.., at least I do, even if everything caused me lots of headaches (because of my husband telling me how selfish I was for wanting so much.. ;_;)

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