Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wonder Rocket

Wonder Rocket is a brand I fell in love long before knowing what "mori girl" was; their subtle sweet and soft designs, their floral and brown prints always gave me that romantic forest vibe. just like "natural kei"; no wonder this brand is the mori girls best friend!

Sadly, I didn't go inside the shop last week when in Tokyo, there were so many shops I wanted to visit and so little time. But I was lucky enough to pass in front of the door so I could snap some photos of the entrance.
The decoration is lovely and surreal at the same time; pretty patterns and soft colours adorned with scary-looking bunny heads that look at you in a very sinister way.

They have three different brand names, all under the main one being Wonder Rocket, that has a wide range of different clothes not only for mori girls, that includes vibrant floral patterns and colours, all of course in their particular style.
The other two are Lilly, my favourite, with airy clothes and pastel colours; and Momo, a more casual looking style with printed tees, not so airy patterns and the use of darker colours.

Here I leave you with a little selection of my favourite things in the store right now.

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