Friday, January 1, 2010

The end of a decade..

I'm not going to lie, new year depresses me a lot.. ;_;
For me is the end of a horribly wasted year and the beginning of another one,
so I never expect too much from it.

We had a common dinner like any other day; we ate cannelloni,
I was in my pajamas and the only relevant thing was we had the 12 grapes
for the very first time!

I must say it was really funny because I don't like grapes,
so I switched to olives.. xDD
It was a success, I had no problem at all,
but Luc couldn't swallow not even one.. xDD
By the end of the 12th beat, he had his mouth full of grapes!

Later we watched Coraline, that my husband hadn't seen,
when it finished, Rebecca was on the TV and made my husband
watch it! He really liked it! :DD

Ahhh, starting the year with Sir Lawrence Olivier
is wonderful!! ♥
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