Monday, July 18, 2011

But it's gone from your eyes, I'd better realise

♪♫ I spend so much time,
believing all the lies to keep the dream alive
Now it makes me sad,
it makes me mad at truth for loving what was you


♪♫ Eyes without a Face - Billy Idol ♫♪

Last Saturday my son and I went to the mall because he wanted to buy a few things, and I of course couldn't say no to him.
I wore the jumpsuit I bought a few weeks ago, the one I bought in white but later changed my mind and went for the light-blue; and my 'gorgeous sweet amazing' red wedges, which gave me AWFUL blisters and since it was too hot they felt so tight.., I don't know, maybe they are a little small for me, but I don't want to think about it, it makes me cry since I love them!!




Jumpsuit: Off-brand
Shoes: Epirich
Bag: Mother Garden
Belt: Off-brand
Head-bow: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Accessories: Chocomint & Bijou Brigitte


My son bought what he wanted and was also entertained by a train flea-market that was happening at the mall, now he wants some model train kits.


I bought a pair of brown sandals which I been needing since last summer and a little marine scarf at BLANCO to pair with a sailor dress I saw in another shop and was too beautiful, but I didn't buy after all since I had no money left.
My husband told me to pick it up today, but I don't know what to do, I mean.., I love it, but it's a bit classic and I'm not too sure when or where I'm going to wear it.., don't know what to do.



  1. Preciosa <3 me encaaaanta el conjunto, representa totalmente tu estilo y resalta lo bonito de tus ojos *_*

    Tambien me encantan los wedges marrones (yo no me quito los mios! hahaha). El vestido compralo! llevalo a casa e intenta hacer coordinados, si no te convence siempre se puede cambiar :D bueno eso haria yo, pero a veces en el fondo sabemos cuando algo no lo usaremos :P

  2. Hola !! Realmente me encanta tu ouftit, el color rojo se te ve muy lindo ♥

  3. que guapa por dios! un dia tengo que pasarme por tu zapatero haha estas muy mona y me gusta mucho la combinacion del gris con el rojo queda la mar d bien!

  4. Me encantaron esos zaptos, ahi te vi en lookbook jejeje
    que mamá mas linda ;)
    muchas gracias por tu voto, saludos.

  5. Bagt: Ayy, muchas gracias, me alegro que resalten mis ojos aunque no lo intente, porque la verdad es que no se como sacarles partido, jajaja!!
    Y sobre el vestido, nose.., porque me encanta, y sabría con que combinarlo, el problema es que no se si lo usaría luego ya que es un poco clásico y no sabría donde usarlo; ya veré que hago si sigue en la tienda.

    ♥Nori Merrylight♥: Muchas gracias, el rojo es de mis colores favoritos!!

    ((*natsi*)): Aww, gracias!! Jajajaja, es cierto que tambien te gustaban las botas rosas.

    Ruzu: Muchisimas gracias, y de nada, ya te dije que me gustaron muchos los diseños!


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