Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lovely Blog Award

The lovely twins, Cynthia & Vane from Girls are made of Sugar gave me "The Lovely Blog Award" (Thanks a lot, girls!!), and even if I once said I wasn't going to post awards, this one is kind of special because I'm utterly in love with their blog, so I'll make an exception.. ^^

I should be picking 15 blogs for this award, which I'm not going to do since I know none will post this, and I have to write 7 facts about me:

1- I suffer of kinetosis (or motion sickness), especially when travelling by car, even if it's a 5 minutes ride.
2- I prefer the mountain over the sea, I don't like sand at all.
3- If watching a film it has to be in the original language with subtitles, otherwise I'd probably watch it in a bad mood.
4- I love old Hollywood movies and hate modern ones.
5- I'd love to learn lots of different languages.
6- I've always wanted and still want to have 3 more kids (2 boys, 2 girls in total) but I know I'll die with only one son; my Luc.
7- I love retro and kitsch illustrations for kids.

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