Friday, July 29, 2011

GM's "Motorama" short films.

I remember back in the late 90s, a music video from David Bowie; Hallo Spaceboy, apart from loving the song and wanting Bowie's earring, I was amazed by the footage of the video, which I didn't know where it came from.
Like a year ago or so I thought it would be easy to find out, and it was.. It turned out to be a short musical sponsored film made for "Motorama", an auto show staged by General Motors from 1949 to 1961.

"Design for Dreaming" was the sponsored film for the 1956 Motorama, and it's starred by Tad Tadlock, a woman who wants to go to the Motorama, and Marc Breaux, some sort of fairy godfather that grants her wish and takes her to the Motorama and Frigidaire's "Kitchen of the Future".

Woman: I'm a girl who happens to think that a brand new car is better than mink.
Man: Since it's just a dream and involves no money,
which one would you like me to buy you, honey?

Woman: I want a Corvette!
Man: I thought you would.
Woman: Ooh! I want a Pontiac too!
Man: Okay, we'll have the usual two-car garage.

Later I found there were several films, like "A Touch of Magic" for the 1961, and last Motorama.
This one is also played by Tad Tadlock, a woman; and James Mitchell, a man at the Motorama that fall in love with each other, to finally being married and living in a 60s style home of the future.

I found both so magical and lovely, plus I love all those old cars!! <3

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  1. Me gustan los carros clásicos :3 quisiera un mustang rojito o blanco o rosado jajajaja.

    Este es el link de la tienda, hay varios zapatos, y tallas el estilo que yo pedí estaban en UK. pedi la 24.5 y la cagué XD porque me quedan mas grandes, pero es una talla buena para alguien de 39 euro quizás.

    una amiga pidió otro estilo en gris, muy lindos ambos y el diseño esta bien hecho, nada de olores raros, porque otros chinos apestan :S y son bien suaves, valen la pena ;)


    pd. ya te sigo :D


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