Thursday, July 14, 2011

Places I want to visit before I die..

Some time ago I made an entry somewhere regarding the places I'd like to visit, I only visited one of them, Barcelona.
I went last December with my mum and my son, because like I said before, my husband would never take me since he hates the place. I really liked it, it was smaller than I thought and a lot like Buenos Aires (OK, not that pretty), but I REALLY liked it; and of course I visited the Park Güell!!

So here are all the places I still want to visit and hope I will before I die

I always found Seoul's city lights more mesmerizing than Tokyo's,
don't ask me why.. xDD
I'd really like to go to South Korea soon! ♥

In 2007, my husband, son and I went to Euro Disney,
and we were going to take a day to visit Paris;
sadly there was a public transport strike and couldn't go while being so close.
So I'd love to visit Paris for real, and Versailles if possible!! :333

Villa Villekulla is something I need to visit since I knew there was a real one;
so I'd love to pay a visit to Gotland sometime while staying at Stockholm!
I'd wear my Pippi JSK!! :DDDD

I think my love for Finland comes from my love for Nordic Metal Music
and cold places.. xDD
Plus I find Suomi really GREAT! :333

In 2008 my husband went 3 days to London with a friend
and left Ryu-chan and I home alone.. So next time, I'd like to go the 3 of us together
and visit lots of typical places including Baker Street
and Peter Pan's statue at Kensington Park!!

Long time ago I watched a Prague documentary and I totally fell in love with it,
after that I started bothering my husband about it.
Some time later, my husband watched the same documentary and liked it a lot.
Now we both want to go!! ♥

I've always been in love with Venice, blame my Italian roots;
and I'd die to go for the Carnevale and be able to buy a real Venetian mask!! *O*

New Orleans looks like a magical place to me, I'm really sad these past years
the place and the people there had to go through so many hard times.. ;_;
I'd really like to visit this beautiful city someday.

I've always wondered how being walking The Great Wall of China would be,
I think it would be fantastic, so amazing to be in such incredible construction!

Of course I'd like to visit Amsterdam, but windmills and tulips
are my weakness when it comes to The Netherlands.

I know I already visited Japan, but it was such a short time
and I couldn't visit all I wanted, plus the Sakura trees hadn't blossomed yet..

Some years ago my husband told me he'd love to go to Istanbul and visit
The Great Bazar, I told him no way because with all my respects to those countries,
they scare the hell out of me. But after him taking me to Japan,
and my father telling me how awesome Istanbul is, I changed my mind!

Cuba is another place I'd love to visit but scares me the fact
of not being able to leave the country, hahahaha!!
But I found amazing how it looks like the time stopped there.

It's no secret I'd love to travel Europe by train,
but what really got me curious are the Transsiberian and Transmongolian train,
and I say both because I'd like to travel all across Russia, but I'd also love to
go to Beijing, even though I rather visit Shanghai or Hong Kong, instead Beijing.

Of course I'd like to visit other places apart from these, but I only posted a few, but like I said before, Europe by train, and also more places from USA, Australia and Canada.. So many places so little time and money.. DD:


  1. que de sitios preciosos >_< El mundo es demasiado grande y bonito!! yo tambien quiero visitar tantos lugares preciosos!

  2. Madre mía! Lo que quieres es recorrerte el mundo! hahaha hay tantos lugares increíbles que visitar..! y muchas personas (includia yo) no sabemos lo mágicos que pueden llegar a ser algunos lugares ♥ Ojalá puedas visitarlos todos! Y natsi y yo también! hahaha

    La faldita de mi blog la compré en el corte inglés, es de la marca Sfera, que tiene mun montón de cosas así monísimas!♥

    Me estoy actualizando con los blogs, y en realidad echaba de menos leer tus entradas! ^^' ahora sigo leyendo, que vi algo de unos outfits en el post anterior! xD


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