Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Movies I want to live in # 3: Funny Face

Love the photography in this movie, and the clothes, those gorgeous Gyvenchy clothes!!
And every time I watch it I want to start dancing and singing in my lolita clothes, hahahha!!!

Think Pink

"She put herself in your place - all you have to do is put yourself in her place,
and you're *bound* to bump into each other in somebody's place."

Funny Face
"On how to be lovely
You got to be happy
When you can feel
light and gay
Then you'll be lovely
as a holiday.

On how to be charming
You got to be merry
If only to weave a spell
And you'll be lovely
As a carousel too.

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  1. Oh me encanta Funny Face! es todo tan bonito, has puesto unos fotogramas preciosos, me dieron ganas de verla! yo he comprobado que si me pongo musicales para desayunar todo me sale mejor ese día (bueno al menos eso me parece a mí, que hasta barrer me sale con más gracias xD)

    Muchos besos para Audrey y para tí!


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