Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Eternity beneath the Bathtub

Today I want to show you a wonderful book I discovered "The Eternity beneath the Bathtub" by Jinx in the Sky, a lovely and talented Austrian artist, currently residing in New Zealand.

The title "The Eternity beneath the Bathtub" is based on a childhood memory of mine. Our bathtub was not free standing, and when you knocked against the bottom of it while being inside it made a hollow sound (because of the small space between the tub wall and the floor) and I imagined that space to be huge, endless and universe-like and sometimes I was worried the tub would break loose off the bathroom and fall into that hole with me. So I was always rather careful not to move around too much.

How can you resist not buying it after reading that. Sounds so sweet and reminds me of some of the dreams, and fears I had when I was a child.
And if the short stories are not enough, check some of the artwork, so beautiful and eerie..

You can buy her book here!


  1. Le echaré un vistazo, se ve taaaaaan bonito... jo, gracias por mostrárnoslo!!

  2. Tiene muy buena pinta! Y es en momentos como este en los que desearía llevr mejor el ingles >.<


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