Saturday, October 31, 2009

Movie Inspiration: Une femme est une femme

Lately I've been inspired, a lot, by Anna Karina; her eyes so perfectly delineated; her beautiful face; and funny expressions; her fabulous Parisian style and natural acting.
Right now, she's my number 1 muse!

Une femme est une femme, such a lovely, fresh and funny film by Goddard, how I love it!

People always wonder why men go crazy when I walk by...
It's simple, really the truth is plain to see...
I've got breasts to make men holler and eyes like purple gems,
a little sailor's collar and panties made of...
I just hate it when it's early and I'm pulled out of the sack,
I just love it when someone strokes my back
I'm the kind who always says... When a fella says... C'mon, sweetie
Because when a guy gets amorous that's no time to make a fuss
I'm not the kind of girl to behave I'm really very cruel
But men never rant and rave

Because I am Beauti... ful...

Because I'd like to be in a musical comedy
starring Cyd Charisse and Gene Kelly.
Choreography... by Bob Fosse.

I bet you can't do everything I can.

Angela: Would you rather have fish or meat for dinner?
Angela: Emile!
Émile Récamier: Fish.
Angela: What would you have preferred if you were having meat?
Émile Récamier: I dunno. Veal.
Angela: And if you were to have beef rather than veal,
would you prefer a steak or a roast?

Émile Récamier: A steak.
Angela: And had you answered roast,
would you prefer it rare or well-done?
Émile Récamier: Rare.
Angela: [jump-cut to Angela returning with the well-done roast]

Well, honey, you’re out of luck. My roast beef’s a little overdone.

Nothing's more beautiful than a woman in tears.
We should boycott women who don't cry.
Modern women are stupid... when they try to elim...
That isn't it.
A woman who can't cry is stupid.
These modern women who try to imitate men.

I want a baby...

Angela: Got any change?
Alfred: Wanna hear a record? Which one?

"Itsy-Bitsy Bikini"?
Angela: No. Charles.
Alfred: Aznavour?

Émile: Angela, tu es infame.
Angela: Moi? Je ne suis pas infame. Je suis une femme.


  1. A mí me encantaría también estar en un musical... aish, cantar por la calle tan feliz sin que nadie te mirara raro... es más, te acompañaran en la coreografía!!... <3

  2. oh dios, me ha encantado esta entrada!
    Tamar me cuenta a veces que habia dias que hacia sus propios musicales xDDD
    Yo soy más de inventarme canciones segun la marcha

  3. ¿Y porque no pudistes ir?
    ¿Donde vives ahora? Hace ya casi un añito y medio que no se nada de ti, jo, aver si ahora no perdemos el contacto preciosa ^^ Veo que te has vuelto muy ETC Girl, ¿eh? Te sienta genial =P

    P.D: Me ha gustado mucho tu entrada ~

  4. One of my favorite movies of all time--I really admire all of Godard's films. Contempt with Bardot is also in my top ten. :)


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