Thursday, November 19, 2009

dreams do come true..

One of my dreams has been always visiting Japan at least once; years passed and there was no sign of this happening.
A few days ago, Tamar called me to tell me there was this special tickets offer to Japan soon to end.., I knew my husband would say "no", but Tamar insisted I should try..
I was the whole day bothering him about it; to my surprise, he said "yes" at the end of the day.
So next year, when the Sakura begin to blossom, we0ll be having a picnic under the trees.. Ohhh, so romantic!

Sakura by afeicht1

Shrine at Ueno Park by juank.madrigal

Tokyo Multicolor by SBA73

Tokyo Subway Route Map (it gives me headaches..)

Okonomiyaki booth by [andreea]

The Tuna for Tokyo by SBA73

Puroland by day by xiaming

Emily Temple cute at Laforet by Sakura District

I'm really exited because I'm not only going with my husband and my son, I'll meet three friends there!
I still can't believe we're going, it'll be so much fun!!!


  1. Sis no sabes lo mucho que me alegré cuando me enteré!!! Que bien os lo vais a pasar!! Y la tienda esa que puse en mi blog, tranquila que os voy a mandar ahí a cotillear (y si no es muy caro quiero algo X3)

    Pero no había caido en que iréis cuando el Sakura dios que envidia xD

  2. yeah! me muero de ganas! además podre conocerte!! llevo tantos años soñando con este momento que tengo que pensar en el extracto de la cartilla para acordarme que si que voy XDD

  3. I love Japan, too :)...

  4. Cool; I love Japan too. The one loop subway is the best in Tokyo; it's a full circle so you can't really get too lost!

  5. You are so lucky, I've always wanted to go to Japan!


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