Monday, November 23, 2009

Morning Flowers

This morning I found lovely pink blooming flowers in my front garden..
They were made of wool.., so soft, so cute and warm, I couldn't help it and took them home.

I love making pom poms.., they're stress relievers, I made then just for fun and have a lot laying around.
Some time ago I found a pompom flowers tutorial, and it was so simple yet so cute that I went picking little branches to make my flowers.
They are not only cute to decorate the house, but also lovely to give a nice touch to any gift!


  1. Oh, pom poms are adorable! I love woolen hats with pom-poms on the top, especially on little children ^^ So cute!

    Your pom pom flowers look great, they remind me of dandelions.

  2. te odio por tener un jardin enfrente de tu casa. Yo solo tengo viejetes cascarrabias marujeando todo el día >.<

  3. So cute, love the fact that they are pink;)

  4. I totally adore the pictures :).


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