Friday, November 27, 2009

Which blogs are you thankful for?

Bloglovin' came up with a great idea! Which blogs are you thankful for?
So I thought I should be thankful for the blogs that inspire me the most and I really enjoy reading.

Lulu Letty

How can you not love Maria! She's so sweet and cute!
I enjoy every post she makes: fashion, inspiration, music, blogger of the week, you name it!
I love her style, her ribbons and red suits her lovely!

Let me feel like a doll

Ahh Laia.., I love her style and her beauty!
I never met her in person, but I So want to! She's so sweet, adorable and fun!
Love her photos and her rooftop!
If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have made a blog and would've never known so many lovely bloggers!


Rhiannon is just so inspirational!
She was the first blogger I've started reading quite often!
Her style is beautiful, I love the places in her photos and her clothes are a dream!


She's from Swedish so in my book that automatically makes her perfect! xDD
I love how natural she looks in all her photos, so sweet and spontaneous!
I love interpreting what she writes, she's the only blogger I translate.. :333

The Cherry Blossom Girl

Alix was the second blogger I started reading quite often.
And even if I think just like Laia, that she's loosing her personal style, I trust she returns to what she used to be (talking about style here) .
I loved reading her textes while watching her photos, they used to be so inspirational for me.., plus all the parisian backgrounds!!


I love Shan Shan's sense of fashion, she's so unique.
Seeing her outfits make me happy with all those colours and shapes!
Plus her berets are a dream!! An impossible dream though.., so expensive!! xDD

And many many more I usually read which I'm thankful too!
All of them inspire me in some sort of ways! Thank you!


  1. You are so incredibly sweet. I feel so honored to be mentioned with all these incredible bloggers!!

    I am so thankful for amazing bloggers like you who spread the love!!

  2. Me encantan todos los que has puesto <3 y muchas gracias por incluirme a mi también!

    (aunque no suela comentarte me paso siempre Sis! voy muy de culo ultimamente xDD)

  3. some of these i love and some of these i've never visited but must! thanks for the recommendations.

  4. I just wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog. :) And all these blogs you've shared - so many gems in there! And yours is really lovely, too. I'll be back!


  5. what a great post! I will have to check out these blogs :)



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