Saturday, November 21, 2009

Illustration Illusion

Like you might know my favourite clothes brand in the world Emily Temple cute, a girly brand from Japan; so I always stalk anything related to them.
Some time ago, I discovered Chinatsu Higashi, the amazing artist behind two ETc print series: "Present Box" and "Rabbits and Ribbons" both from 2007.
She's a Tokyo artist who loves to express the world through charming and gentle painting, pattern drawing & collage.

"Present Box Print Series" & "Rabbits & Ribbons Print Series"

Not only she collaborated with ETc, she also did with Afternoon Tea on Christmas 2007 with beautiful packagings for their delicious treats.

Afternoon Tea "2007 Christmas Collection"

She did many more collaborations and her drawings now and then appear at different Japanese publications such as OZ or きらら.

Some of my favourite drawings


  1. How beautiful! I didn't realise that ETC enlisted different designs for different prints. I love the Present Box print :) In fact, I almost purchased that very mint jumperskirt, but decided on the mermaid print instead.

    These are delightful;
    Are they minitures?

  2. *enlisted different designers (not design, oops)

  3. Chelle:

    I actually don't think ETc enlists different designers (though I don't know for sure), since these were just collaborations.
    But if there were different designers I'd really like to know who they are as I love ETc's designs! ♥
    And regarding Afternoon tea's are just packagings for their Christmas chocolates and sweets line.

  4. Ohhh, me encantan las ilustraciones! Muchas gracias por la información, no tenia ni idea, el Rabbits and Ribbons me encanta!

  5. Qué culta eres, leches, es que no me canso de decírtelo... ole mi Sis!

  6. Those drawings are so wonderful!! I so adore both of those dresses.

  7. La verdad es que no tenía conociemiento alguno sobre esta mujer pero la verdad es que si que había visto sus diseños para ETC y me encantan.

  8. How cute! I love the dresses:)
    Nice blog bytheway!

  9. i love these! awesome and sweet and whimsical.



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