Thursday, September 22, 2011

"A wishing apple" is a fake...!

♪♫ you know... so baby My blood freeze
without you, I Can't breathe
"I'm fed up!" in my Bad dreams
because of you
baby please... Wake me up!
. ♫♪


♪♫ Heavy Starry Chain - Tommy heavenly6 ♫♪

As you can see, yesterday I changed the design of the blog; I've been wanting something cleaner for a while, now, so inspired by many blogs that have this kind of design, and my outfit for yesterday, here is the new blog! And the best part is that this design let me post much bigger photos, something the bothered me from the older one.

I was inspired by Tomoko Kawase for this outfit, but I went for a sweeter style, next time I'll try the darker side of it! ;D

Yesterday we went to IKEA, and it was my first time! YAY! It was too late in the afternoon so we couldn't buy all the things we wanted (aka some furniture), but I did managed to grab some things I wanted from the catalogue and decided which bed I wanted.








Dress: Blanco.
Shoes: Sechuna.
Bag: Street market.
Socks: Caro Cuore.
Headband: Baby the Stars Shine Bright.
Accessories: Bijou Brigitte, Chocomint and Granny's & Mum's heirloom.


There's still missing the carrot, but I'm so stupidly happy with Brocolito & Fresuquita, they are so cute!! And we're still fighting with my son over who keeps them; of course it will be me! Bwahahahahaha!!
The thing is that when I read the catalogue I said that I was the wild berry, my husband the Broccoli, and my son the carrot. Yeah! I'm 31 years old and still this ridiculous! xD

Brocolito & Fresuquita


  1. ains que linda!!! :D amo las tea party, por cierto acabo de comprar un vestido negro como el tuyo solo que el detalle del cuello es totalmente negro jejeje, y me encanta!! ese collar lo reconoci jajaja, como fui a brigitte

  2. ¡has cambiado el diseño del blog! :D
    me gusta mucho ese vestido, te favorecen mucho el negro y el rojo ;)

  3. me encanta este vestidito *_* es perfecto para casi cualquier ocasion!

    yo me pierdo en Ikea, es demasiado grandeee @_@


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