Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer is Ending

Today after weeks deciding whether I should buy it or not, I bought this lovely 50s style dress from River Island, it's been on sale at ASOS for a while, now; but I wasn't sure. I finally voted for "yes" after having a very 50s dream. I know my husband will hate it (he's not so fond of 50s clothes), but I couldn't resist all these cute little apples.

I know summer is ending, but these dresses are timeless for me! I thought it'll look lovely with red accents, but to give lead role to the dress I came up with this coordinate on polyvore; maybe next summer since I'm completely out of money to able to achieve this look.


  1. Verde que te quiero verde! Es lo que pensé nada más ver la imagen.
    Seguro que le sacas mucho partido al vestido, parece muy alegre y vivo ^^

  2. me encanta! creo que puedes usarlo en otoño y primavera perfectamente con un abriguito rojo <3!

  3. Me muero por ese vestido de frutas!!!


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