Friday, September 30, 2011

September Magazines

Well, it was impossible for me to find this month's Tomotomo, I've waited until today in case it appeared somewhere scanned, but nothing! So instead I'll post some scans I loved from another magazine I often love, I often hate; So-En.

I'd love to do this at the beginning of the month, but I can only do it when I finally find the scans on-line, which is pretty late.

September 2011 Fudge.

I loved this month's Fudge, so many cardigans, blazers and coats, dark and autumnal colours.

September 2011 So-En.

So much stripes, tartan and mannish looks and those eerie sets, made me like So-En this month!


  1. La SO-EN es im-presionante♥ XDXD me dejó sin palabras! gracias por los scans!

  2. ains, creo que tenemos un gusto similar *_*, deseo mucho unos sadles oxford shoes, y creo que te robare algunas fotitos jijiji.
    Saludos y pasa buen fin de semana.

  3. Aunque me encanta Fudge, a veces me da la impresión de que siempre sacan las mismas tendencias, cardigans, vestiditos, look preppy...
    Me pasa lo mismo que a ti con So-En y no em la suelo bajar pero esta editorial es genial! :)


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