Saturday, September 10, 2011

Oh, how I love shopping!

Lately I've been buying quit a lot thanks to my mum b-day gift, therefore I've been receiving some of them. There are still a few things that need to arrive, but I'll leave those for a future update.

Oxford shoes from ebay.

Big flower black bag from a street market here in my town.

Pink beret from ebay.

Little shoes for Aprilia from ebay.
(The socks & badge were a gift)

NYX make-up from
(From L to R: Narcissus, Chic, Ruby & Nude lipsticks;
Red & Natural lip-liners and Natural concealer.
The lip-balm was a gift and it tastes like Bubble Gum!)

Lovely Daisies dress I bought from Carol from Kawaii Factory.
(Also sent me a strawberry phone strap and a badge as a gift! :33)

Red & Black Bowler hats from ebay.

Gifts from my friend Tamar: Patterns and two hats and a dress for Aprilia!!

I'm really happy with everything, especially with the make-up because I wasn't sure how it would arrive, I was afraid it would be broken or melted, hahahaha!! The lipsticks are all so pretty, but I thought the ruby one would be darker, but I guess I was wrong DD:


  1. adoro la boina rosa y los bombines *v*

  2. Pues la boina me costó 3€ y la hay en todos los colores, una maravilla! :333

  3. ains te pediste los oxford pue XDD que me alegro, se parecen algo a los mios, pero estos tiene como un pequeno tacon verdad? ay adoro tu lapiz labial rosa :3, a quien no le gusta recibir paquetes ajajaja
    saludos y pasa un lindo fin de semana

  4. Me encantan el vestido y los zapatos oxford. A mi siempre me da un poco de miedo pedir zapatos online por si luego no me van bien. Me alegro de que esté dando para tantas compras el cumpleaños :)

  5. ayy me lleno de envidia >-< yo tambien quiero ir de compras, me encantaron los oxford, tal vez me compre unos wedges asi :D


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