Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The lovely Yuu from Let me dream is celebrating her 400 followers with her 2nd giveaway. The price is a lovely set of nail polish. I hope I win because I'm loving those colours already!
You have time to enter until September 30th, and it's international!

Like every week, the girls from Dolly Market gives us the chance to win accessories from one of their sponsors, this time is your chance to win a necklace from La pequeña Belle Shop, so be sure to follow the link in the image and participate.
You have until October 2nd, and it's international, too!

Mio, from Pastel Raindrops is celebrating her 1000 followers. And she's giving away so many cute things!
You have time until October 31st and it's international!


  1. OOOhhh, gracias! Justo la semana que viene quería ir a un outlet de aquí y a Primark, a ver si lo veo!

    GHGNGNNNNNNNNN, ese collar del kewpie!Es adorable!

  2. suerte ojala te ganes algo nena! <3

    y sii te lo juro, soy amarillsima XD


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