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Trip Day 4: Shinjuku, Akihabara & Ginza (March 23rd)

Wooohoooo!!! xDDD
I finally decided on updating about the trip we did last March to Tokyo.
People tell me I should be happy I was there, but I can't help feeling sad about the fact I was only a week and everything went SO fast and it left this bitter-sweet flavour in my mouth; and everytime I go through the photos I cry.

My husband used to tell me: "What if you go and it disappoints you? What if it doesn't fulfil your expectation?" Now I can clearly answer that it was even more awesome than I ever thought, I was never this happy in my life!

We had to go to Shinjuku first because we had to change money at the bank, aaaaand I wanted to go to Closet Child to see if I could convince my husband to buy me some clothes.., because at this point my suitcase was still missing.. ;_;

Shinjuku 01

First we went to the Golden Gai, one of the most awesome places at Shinjuku, for me, at least. Of course everything was closed, since they open at night, so my husband and I decided we wanted to go there at night another day..

Shinjuku Golden Gai 01 Shinjuku Golden Gai 02
Shinjuku Golden Gai 03 Shinjuku Golden Gai 04
Shinjuku Golden Gai 05 Shinjuku Golden Gai 06

As you can see, the place is all cluttered and full of little places where no more than 6 people can sit..
Many of these mini-restaurants are run by artists such as the Kokusyoku Sumire cafe. I'm not a fan of them, so I didn't actually want to go, but it would've been really funny to be served by them.. xDD

Our next stop was the Hanazono Shrine, which of course.., and to follow the tradition in this trip, was being remodelled.. xDD

Hanazono Shrine 01
Hanazono Shrine 02

I've always wanted to ring those bells and be granted a wish, and since there was something I REALLY wanted, I asked for it!
I think you can guess what I asked.. ;DD

Hanazono Shrine 03 Hanazono Shrine 04
Hanazono Shrine 05 Hanazono Shrine 06

Then we decided to fight for the BURANDO..

Tamar & Maka Fighting
Me & Eva Fighting
Give me your BURANDOOOO!!!
Of course I was the winner, I was REALLY motivated..
(you can see me wearing the same clothes I wore the first 2 days.. ;_;)

Smoking on the Street is Prohibited
As you can see, you can't smoke on the street, except for the "vicious" or
"cancerigenous" point, which we frequented thanks to Tamar and my husband.. xPP

Shinjuku 02

Some cool buildings..

Shinjuku 03 Shinjuku 04

Here waiting for Maka and I, we went to the bank.., remember Maka? xDDD

Shinjuku 05
Shinjuku 06
Shinjuku 07

At this point, we had already been to Closet Child, where I bought some clothes and accessories; Donki, where I bought my Rilakkuma kigurumi and also eaten delicious ramen at the place where I change clothes.
Also, by the time I had fought with my husband because I wanted to buy a kigu for Luc, and because I was SO SELFISH to buy me clothes when I had nothing else to wear.. =_=

Then we headed to Akihabara, where I would've kill to go years ago and where I felt so embarrassed for everyone there.., too freaky for my taste..
Buuuuut there were many cool stores!

Akihabara 01
Akihabara 02

This is NOT FREAKISM! This is LOVE, pure love for EVA-01 and Ayanami.. ♥


Aa! Megamisama giant figures.., they were SO cheap and perfect for anyone's dinning room.. xDD

Aa! Megamisama LOVE

Tamar can't take anything serious.. xDDD

Excited Tamar

After Tamar buying all the dolls she had to buy.., (ahh, no.., sorry.., two days later she bought some more.. xDD) we decided to buy a camera.
Ahhh, the sellers drove me crazy with their 'crossed arms sign' telling me that I shouldn't buy certain cameras, a guy told I shouldn't buy Lumix (the one I wanted), to pick Sony, then another one told me "SONY NO!!!"
After going crazy thanks to these guys, we bought an Exilim. The thing was that not all had the menu in English.. XDD

Ginza was the next stop, because we wanted to go to the Vampire Cafe.
It started raining when we got out from the metro at Ginza st.

Ginza 01

We were going to visit the Sony Building before going to the cafe.., but it was closing, so no Sony Building.. XDD
Just these cute dogs which I don't remember their names right now.., at their entrance.

Ginza 02 (Sony Building)

Ginza is a hot, sexy, expensive and fashionable district..

Ginza 03
Ginza 04
Ginza 05
Ginza 06 Ginza 07

Then we finally found our way to the Vampire Cafe..!

Vampire Cafe 01

Rose petals, coffins, candles, darkness, call bells, velvet curtains, a laughing skull, maids and Rigoberto the Vampire.. xDDD
Rigoberto was our host, al geared-up in his 800000 yen cape from Moitie and vampire make-up, but English impared.. xDD

Vampire Cafe 02 Vampire Cafe 04

Everything was black and red and with the vampire-themed.
The dish was SO pretty, but it lacked of sugar.., it was a bit tasteless, actually.. xDD

Vampire Cafe 03
Vampire Cafe 05

Aaaaaaaand, the group shot!
And this time is the whole group for some people's delight.. they guy at the back is not Rigoberto de vampire.., is actually my husband!!
But, SHHHHH, don't tell him I uploaded a photo of him on the net, he'd kill me! xDDD

Vampire Cafe 06

It was funny, because we asked Rigoberto to take the photo, and after taking it he went straight to write something at the cash register, so we thought we had to pay a plus for it.. O_O
I don't know if we had to.., but we paid more indeed because it was Wednesday.., and only Rigoberto knows why on Wednesday you have to pay a plus there.. xDDD

Back to the hotel at Ginza st. I took this photo, but I already showed it some time ago..

Do it at Home

Once at the hotel I was expecting some notice about my suitcase, but there was nothing, and no phone calls either.. I was starting to panic!!!

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  1. ahora me doy cuenta que estas actualizando con cosas del viaje!
    Wii, Closet Child es genial, aunque a mi me siguió pareciendo un pelín carillo ;_;!!!
    Y Donki es amor puro y duro, creo que es donde me gasto más dinero, me pasaría días y días sólo comprando allí <3


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