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Trip Day 7: Tsukiji Market, Roppongi, Asakusa & Ikebukuro (March 26th) -part 1-

Here I come with the 7th day of the trip, the most exhausted of all and the one I feel I got the most out of it.
We all were supposed to go together, but the girls had to go to the post office in the morning, so we split, and my husband, Luc and I went on with the plan..

BTW, I think I'll make two different posts of this day, since there are so many photos, I hope you don't mind! ^^;

The alarm woke us up at 5 am., we were going to the "Tsukiji Ichiba" or Fish Market, one of the things my husband was looking forward to do.., me not so much, I couldn't care less.. xDDD
Anyway, we woke up and took the metro to the market located in Tokyo, when we arrived there were SO many tourists at the station and the street already coming back, that I knew we had arrived too late for the Tuna Auctions, since they do it very very early in the morning, and it was 6 am already..
So we just went through the aisles watching all the stalls with different fishes and things from the sea.. It was good, not fantastic for me since like I said before I couldn't care less for fish and all that.., but my husband has a fascination with it, so he liked it a lot!

Here people were really rude, the workers I mean, and I can totally understand since they are working and you are bothering them with photos or just your mere presence.., but they kept pushing us tourists to the sides with really bad manners, that I feared my husband would took it personally and start a fight with all of them, luckily he controlled himself and everything went smoothly.. U.U

Here are some of the photos I took of the 'things' we saw there.. (If you want to know what they are, go to my flickr page to see the photo with the name)

Tsukiji Ichiba: Tuna

Tsukiji Ichiba: Crabs


Tsukiji Ichiba: Tuna

Tsukiji Ichiba: Clams

Tsukiji Ichiba: Razor Clams & Clams

Tsukiji Ichiba: Octopus

Tsukiji Ichiba: Prawns

Tsukiji Ichiba

Tsukiji Ichiba: Workers

Tsukiji Ichiba

Tsukiji Ichiba

Tsukiji Ichiba Rntrance

We were so lucky it wasn't raining today since we had to walk in the open air and visit open places..
When we got out of the market it was around 9 pm. and I wanted to visit the Tokyo Tower, so we took the metro again and went there.

Here are some beautiful murals at Tsukijishijō Station.

Tsukijishijō Station Mural 01

Tsukijishijō Station Mural 02

When we got out from the station, we could see the Tower in the background, so we walked until we reached it..

Tokyo Tower 01

On our way we met a lovely dead end street with a little shrine on it..

Tokyo Tower 02

We were surprised when finding the Tokyo Masonic Building near the Tokyo Tower, the funny thing was it was located just in front of a Catholic Church.. :D

Tokyo Masonic Building

There was also this pretty building "Hasegawa Green Building", all covered with plants and with plants inside, too!

Hasegawa Green Building

And finally Tokyo Tower.., probably the only disappointing thing I found in Tokyo.. xDD
It was actually ugly and not impressive at all.. DD:
It was still closed but there were already lots of tourists around, but I was too hungry and I didn't want to wait, so we left without going up; it was daytime and cloudy anyway.., and I wanted to see something wonderful like all the city lights and not a city full of clouds.. xDD

Tokyo Tower 03 Tokyo Tower 04

Then we searched for a konbini to buy something to eat, I bought a good-looking bread with some kind of filling, Luc some kind of puffs, and mu husband two onigiris with 'who-knows-what' inside..
The puffs were OK, my good-looking bread was filled with some kind of cheese and TOO ugly to eat even if I was hungry, and my husband wasn't happy with his onigiri either, he couldn't find out what the inside was.., he didn't finish it and threw it away.., and believe me when I say he never throws food away he hates to do that.., but he just couldn't finish the onigiri.. XDDD

Onigiri of Hell

So after NOT eating we decide to go to Roppongi Hills since we were already in the Roppongi area..
On our way we found this beautiful Shinto Shrine (I love the ones with stairs the most..), which when I saw it I swear I thought it was "Hikawa Shrine" (Hino Rei's Shrine in Sailor Moon) since we were near. But When I arrived here I looked for it and no.., it wasn't.. ;_;

Shinto Shrine 01

Shinto Shrine 02

Shinto Shrine

Then we continued our way to Roppongi Hills..
We saw a sweets shop with this curious 'cakes', please someone with Japanese knowledge, could you tell me what does the tags say.. because they look like bread with ice-cream and such on top.. xDD


We also found the Hard Rock cafe..

Hard Rock Cafe

Once at Roppongi Hills everything was expensive and cool looking, there were lots of people going to their shops, lots of lovely girls and men in suits.
It was almost 11 am. so shops were about to open, but we walked around to see the Mori Garden and the Mori Tower.

Roppongi Hills

The 'Maman' next to the Mori Tower.. I've always wanted to see one of the Maman IRL, and having the Bilbao one quite near, I got to see the Roppongi Hills one first! xDDD

Roppongi Hills: Maman

Red flower that reminded me of the 'Le Petit prince' rose and the Mori Tower next to it.

Roppongi Hills: Red Flower Roppongi Hills: Red Flower & Mori Tower

Then we went to the Mori Tower to visit the Mori museum, but it was too expensive and we didn't know what we were going to see anyway.. xDD
But we got to see some of that day exhibition's sculpture from the Tower..
On the right, you can see a BoConcept sculpture: 'A Long Sofa', an interactive one, since you can sit there and.., well, sit.. xDD
And onto the left, there's CHOI Jeong Hwa's 'Lotus' sculpture, three Lotus flowers made of some light weight material with air blowing inside that made them go up and down..

Roppongi Hills, Mori Tower: BoConcept: A Long Sofa

Roppongi Hills, Mori Garden: CHOI Jeong Hwa: Lotus

Roppongi Hills, Mori Garden: CHOI Jeong Hwa: Lotus

Roppongi Hills, Mori Garden: CHOI Jeong Hwa: Lotus

And a view of the entrance to the Mori Tower..

Roppongi Hills: Mori Tower

Next post I will continue with the second part of the post, when we left from Roppongi Hills to Asakusa..

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