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Trip Day 5: Ghibli Museum (March 24th)

Well, well, well.., here I come with another entry on my Tokyo trip.
This day we had planned going to the Ghibli Museum, one of the things I was expecting to see so much, as I'm a great Ghibli fan!!
We already had our tickets since you have to get them with anticipation, so the day wasn't changeable.
In the other post you saw the night before rained, and this morning dawned raining too.

That morning I was really hoping my package form crescent arrived (not to mention my suitcase), since I wanted to wear one of the dresses I bought the day before at closet child and I needed a bag to match it. So I went down to the reception, and guess what?! The package had arrived!!! (No.., not the suitcase ;_;)
Totally excited, I went to my room and opened it to see all the things!

This is the only photo of the room I have, such a mess.., and it was actually tidy, the days after you couldn't even see the tables under all the shit! xDDD

The mess in our room

On the train on our way to Mitaka, where the Ghibli Museum is located..
The trains are awesome (apart form the feeling of being riding the subways from Buenos Aires line B), they are SO warm!! They all have heaters under the seats, so your legs are always warm!! ♥

Train to Mitaka

Bottom Outfit Shot

A photo of the bottom part of my outfit that day..

Once in Mitaka I tried as hard as I could to take photos from under the umbrella-ella-ella, not many came out good.
I fell in love with Mitaka, and my husband said he would live there without a problem! ♥

Mitaka 01

Mitaka 02

Arriving at the Museum.. :DD

Mitaka 03

Totoro welcomes you, I so wanted to go inside and cuddle him!!! *O*

Ghibli Museum Entrance, Totoro

A lovely well with real water..


Photos inside the Museum are not allowed, so not many photos of the decoration.
But here are photos of the ladies' restroom..

Bathroom 01

bathroom 02

At lunch time we searched for a place to eat something, we brought our own food because we didn't want to spend our money on that.. xDD
So we sat near the cafe and enjoyed our meal there..
After eating Luc ate a matcha ice-cream which I didn't get to taste.. ;_;

Cafe Menu Matcha Ice-cream

After lunch we went to the little cinema located inside the museum to watch a short you can only watch at the museum.., it was so cute and funny! :DD
Of course you couldn't take photos inside, but I snapped one of the roof which I loved!

Roof inside the Cinema

Then we went to the room where the 'Neko bus' is, so Luc could play there. It was SO unfair!! Maka and I wanted to go too, but it was only for kids.. ;_;
Sadly, you can't take photos there either.., but I can tell you is amazing!!!

Later we went to the shop and bought many things and wanted to buy even more, everything is so beautiful there!!! ♥

After shopping we visited "Tío Pepe" AKA Robot Soldier from "Laputa" film, of course I wanted to take him home with me.. xDDD

Robot Soldier (AKA Tío Pepe) 01 Robot Soldier (AKA Tío Pepe) 02

Outside Stairs

Once we decided to leave, my husband tried as hard as he could to take a photo of the 'Neko Bus', but this is all he could do without the caretakers seeing him..

Neko Bus

Here's a photo of the beautiful drain at the end of the well I showed before..

Beautiful Drain

Instead of taking the route where we went to the museum, we went through the "Inokashira Onshi Kōen" (Inokashira Imperial Gift Park), which was beautiful even with the rain pouring and pouring..

Inokashira Onshi Kōen 01

Inokashira Onshi Kōen 02

It was actually dark, I don't know why the photos came out so bright.. O_o

Inokashira Onshi Kōen 03

Inokashira Onshi Kōen 04

Inokashira Onshi Kōen 05

Benzaiten Shrine at Inokashira Park

Benzaiten Shrine

After crossing the park we arrived at Kichijōji and walked through its streets looking around all the shops full of expensive shit! xDDD

Kichijōji 01

Kichijōji 02

Once at Kichijōji st. I realized my feet were bleeding at the back thanks to my shoes, I couldn't walk anymore and I only wanted to arrive at the hotel.
But when we arrived, my husband said he wanted to go out a walk around Baba, so I put my shoes on again, and went sightseeing..

I immediately thought of Akane when I spotted this BIG Namie ad at the other side of Baba station, and I had to snap a photo of it!! ♥

Amuro Namie Coke Ad.

A shrine at Baba whereabouts..

Shrine at Baba (?)

When we found this building covered in thick chains I thought it was some kind of S&M office.. xDD Later I found out it is the Tokyo Braille Library.. xDD
Strange, huh??

Tokyo Braille Library

A Spanish restaurant at Baba..
We didn't go, but I had to take a photo.. xDDD

'Familia' Spanish Restaurant at Takadanobaba

And that's all for the day..
Of course, without any notice of my suitcase, and I was starting to loose my faith .. ;_;

How did you like my post?
Do you like Ghibli and Miyazaki's films? Which one is your favourite? And which one is the first one you watched?

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