Sunday, May 2, 2010


Yesterday I fotgot to upload the purikura we took while we visited Akihabara..
At first Maka and I had to beg Tamar to take us, once there she wanted more and more!!

It was SO much fun!! I love how the machines make your eyes bigger!!

The best part was that while we were taking the purikuras, my husband and Luc were waiting for us near the machines.
Then Eva told us that a guy was telling them something, then they left.
later my husband told us that the guy was telling him that they couldn't be there since there was a change room for women, only in Japanese, which my husband didn't understand, so he literally told him: "Mirá, Loco! No te entiendo un carajo!" xDDD
But then a guy who spoke English came and explained everything so they left..

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