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Trip Day 6: Sanrio Puroland (March 25th)

It's time for posting about the 6th day of the trip.
This day the group split in two separate groups, the girls and the boys.. XDD The girls went to Sanrio Puroland, home of Hello Kitty; and the boys to Ikebukuro, to the Amlux Building (AKA Toyota Building) and shopping.

We had to go to Tama, where Sanrio Puroland is located, which is an hour away from our hotel. It was raining and a little bit cold, but we were going to visit a Sanrio Themed park, so we didn't really care! xDDD
Once in the train, Maka and I decided to camouflage between the Japanese, and fell as sleep since the heat in our legs and the movement were so inviting.. xDDD
A hour later Tamar woke us up and told us we had taken the train in the wrong direction and we had to change; Maka and I were so mad and started whining until I saw we were actually at Tama Station, then Tamar and Eva started laughing at Maka and I.. xDD

Tama is something like Hello Kitty Town, that's why Hello Kitty guides you in all directions.. xDD

Hellow Kitty Town

It wasn't hard to find the Park, just keep walking straight from the Station..
We were relieved it wasn't on the open air, because the rain would've been a REAL bother..

Sanrio Puroland 01

Sanrio Puroland 02

Sanrio Puroland 03

The place was full of little kids and their parents, it's not that big but it's SO KAWAII!!!! No.., it wasn't cute.., it was totally kawaii.. I think "really" I understood the meaning of kawaii at this place.. xDDDD

Sanrio Puroland 04

Puro Village 01

Puro Village 02 Puro Village 03

When we arrived, there was some kind of show going on, we watched it for a while but it was kind of boring.. xDD So we looked around to find the 'attractions' xDD
First we went for a the 'Boat Ride', something like Disney's "Small World" (which scares me a lot xDD).
One of the girls at the ride so us and said: "Kawaiiiiiiii!!!" Then pointed at Maka's dress and said " Ahh, you are Angelic Pretty.., I am Pretty too!" xDDDD because Maka's dress was an AP and apparently the girl liked AP too! xDDD
Everything there is like a Fairytale.., lovely!!

Boat Ride 00 Boat Ride 01

You can see Tamar and I were really happy and excited..
Eva.., well, Eva not so much! She kept saying everything was too scary for her.. xDDD

Boat Ride 02

Boat Ride 03

There were almost all the characters, but there photos of just a few of them like Cinnamoroll, Muffin, Hello Kitty and family, Kerokerokeroppi & friends, Bad Badtz-Maru & friends, Marron Cream, Kuromi, Little Twin Stars, Pompom Purin & Pochacco.

Boat Ride 04 "Cinnamoroll"

Boat Ride 05 "Muffin"

Boat Ride 06 "Muffin"

Boat Ride 07 "Hello Kitty & family"

Boat Ride 09 "Kerokerokeroppi & Bad Badtz-Maru"

Boat Ride 08 "Marron Cream"

Boat Ride 10 "Kuromi"

Boat Ride 11 "Pochacco, Pompom Purin & Little Twin Stars"

Next we went to a 3D attraction called "The Time Machine of Dreams", I'm still trying to figure out why it was called that way..
Here we are waiting at the queue with our 3D glasses.. xDD

The Time Machine of Dreams 01

The Time Machine of Dreams 02

The Time Machine of Dreams 03

The Time Machine of Dreams 04

Now I want to stop a little to tell you at this point of the day, I've gotten LOTS of phone calls from a Japanese number, but due to all the noise inside the place I never listened until we were at a quite place..
I was so mad because I knew it was from the airport about my suitcase, so I started looking for a bathroom to phone back, the funny thing is that I went inside the men bathroom.. xDDDD
Anyway.., they didn't pick-up because it was lunch time..

Next visit was the Hello Kitty house. Prepare yourself for and intense pic spam of the place.., and be warned.., if you are allergic to colour pink get out of here now while you're still safe! xDDDD

Hello Kitty House 01

Hello Kitty House 02 Hello Kitty House 03

Hello Kitty House 04

Hello Kitty House 05

Hello Kitty House 06

Hello Kitty House 07

Hello Kitty House 08

Hello Kitty House 09

Hello Kitty House 10

Hello Kitty House 11

Hello Kitty House 12 Hello Kitty House 13

Hello Kitty House 14

Hello Kitty House 15

Hello Kitty House 16

Hello Kitty House 17 Hello Kitty House 18

Hello Kitty House 19

Hello Kitty House 20

Hello Kitty House 21

Hello Kitty House 22

Hello Kitty House 23 Hello Kitty House 24

Hello Kitty House 25

Hello Kitty House 26

Hello Kitty House 27

Hello Kitty House 28

Hello Kitty House 29 Hello Kitty House 30

Phewwww.., are you still alive?? xDDD
Well, if you survived Hello Kitty house, let's follow with the photo we took with Hello Kitty!! ♥
First we had to wait at the queue, and here we are.. I'm thinking: "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!" xDDDD

Hello Kitty House 31

Hello Kitty House 32

And if you thought that was too much for you to handle.., check this out! ¬.¬


Hahahahahaha!! That was so much fun and awesome in so many levels! xDDD
I'm My Melody (I HAD to be, she's my favourite character ever!!), Tamar was Hello Kitty, Maka was one of the Sugar Bunnies and Eva was Cinnamoroll.

The mandatory bathroom shot!


And a few more of the Puro Village before leaving..
The light was horrible there.., well, actually there was almost NO light.., that's why the photos are so dark.. ;_;

Puro Village 04

Puro Village 05

Puro Village 06

When we were going to make a stop at the store before leaving the park, we had the most awesome encounter!!
And as I said before.., My melody is my all time favourite!! So when I saw her I HAD too!!!
It was so funny because I was all happy, jumping around and hugging her!! xDD
And of course.., Kuromi was there too!

With My Melody

With Kuromi

And a photo of a mural..

Hello Kitty Mural

After leaving the park we went to McDonnald's and then to Akihabara because Tamar had to make some more shopping.
And what happens when you say Akihabara..?
Purikura time!!!


When we were on our way to Akihabara I called the airport to see what happened, and the y told me that they had located my suitcase!!
They lost track of it in Rome because apparently, at Madrid airport the girl at the counter never put the Madrid/Barajas - Tokyo/Narita, my suitcase went to Rome and stayed there, once in Rome nobody reclaimed it, so they sent it back to Madrid and they didn't know about it anymore..
Luckily, at this point, it was waiting again at Rome to go to Tokyo arriving on Saturday on time for us to leave next day.. xDDD

Later we went to meet my husband and Luc at Ikebukuro.
He was all mad and grumpy at me, but that's another story I won't tell because it's stupid like his behaviour..

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