Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lolita Mistakes

Lately, has been an influx of lolitas. Little by little more and more girls (and some guys too) became interested in the fashion. Personally I'd hate lolita to be mainstream for several reasons, one would be everyone wearing puffy clothes, and a second one would be people doing it wrong without wanting to get better at it.
Mainstream is not the exactly the case, but there are lots of new lolitas trying to be lolitas with terrible results.

Girly Style by Alannah Hill vs. Sweet Lolita

The problem comes when you try to give them advice; the first answer is: "I'm new to the fashion", which is OK, so please research and try again.
When they try again with a new unsuccessful result; they say: "I don't have the money to buy 'BURANDO' yet, so I took my mother's skirt and a cute tee and tadaaa!", for me this is not OK anymore, because you don't have to own brand clothes to be a lolita. Commission! Learn how to sew!
A week later they come wearing a beautiful skirt, but sadly it doesn't adjust to the lolita shape, so when you point it out; they just can't believe how you dare to 'insult' their work of art. And then they say they wear lolita the way they want to.
It looks like they don't want to get better at it, and that makes me mad! Because lolita has some guidelines that if you don't follow, it's not lolita at all. A black shirt won't be pink just because you say so, it's black because of its pigments, and the same happens with lolita.

On another note, regarding new lolitas (and others not so new), is that they claim feeling beautiful while wearing lolita, which in my opinion is totally true!
But on the other hand, the girls that wear lolita the wrong way, claim they feel beautiful and that turns them automatically in lolitas; which is a wrong concept.

So here I give you some tips for what I've been seeing lately:

Girls, your ZARA and H&M dresses and sun dresses are lovely, your pin-up dresses are pretty too, but no.., they are not lolita.
Your skirts have to have the characteristic bell shape, they must fit over a petti, whether you wear it or not; and not every single girly and cute skirt is lolita.
Your tops.., not any cute tee is lolita and being cute doesn't make it perfect for casual lolita, so don't say you're casual with your Hello Kitty tank top.
Another one regarding tops, cut sews or shirts, v-neckline is not appropriate, especially if it's a v-neckline that reach your boobs; a deep neckline that show your curves doesn't look cute either, EVEN if the top has ribbons all over it.
Leggings.., oh leggings.., they look cute with lolita clothes.., I agree, but the whole outfit won't be lolita. It's girly, it's cute, but not lolita. And I don't effing care if Emily Temple cute sells leggings, ETc is NOT a lolita brand, get over it! (You can wear this brand for lolita, but it's not.)
Ballerinas on your feet look weird, especially if the whole outfit is fluffy, they make your legs look odd, and if the socks are same colour as the ballerinas it looks like you're shoe-less. (OK, I know this is a pet-peeve of mine, but admit they look strange).
I know there are still cold places on the earth, that's why wool tights exist! They come in lots of cute colours and they keep you safe from the cold weather. So if you're not brave enough to wear knee-socks, wear warm tights, but don't overlap socks over socks over tights or leggings, especially if they are different colours. That looks terrible! DD:
Try wearing make-up, I'm not saying 'paint your face like a door', but at least a little, a very subtle look is cute. There are make-ups for every kind of skin, especially hypo-allergenic which is the trend.
Comb your hair, practice cute hairdos. A pretty headband looks good if you're going for a casual look, but with sweet and BIG bows, you can't just put it over your head with all your hair down because it looks like a parabolic bow, and it's not pretty.
Balance the colours you're wearing, distribute them. Don't just throw colours because you have them, use a bit of criteria.
Girly is not the same as lolita.

First photo shows "Casual Lolita", and the second shows "a lolita inspired outfit",
but definitely not lolita, both done with the same skirt and cardigan.

And the biggest pet-peeve of mine: Please don't say you're casual lolita just because you were too lazy to dress up.

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