Thursday, October 1, 2009

Have fun with your Photos

I love taking photos of everything, I know I'm not good at it and I don't have a real camera to do so, but I do it anyway!
Sometimes I enjoy experimenting with photoshop, another thing I'm not good at; but I also use programmes to change the photos and at the same time, having fun!

Bakumatsu Koshashin Generator
It's a Japanese programme to generate old-looking photos.
It's really easy to use and it's also in english. You just have to choose between a file in your PC or write the URL, press "convert" and tadaaa! You get a photo like over 100 to 150 years old, as the page claims!

It's a well known image maker that make your photos look like real polaroids!
Another easy to use programme, you just download the free poladroid application, and then you just have to open it and drag and drop the photo you want to convert, then shake you picture and enjoy it!

But if you're more cute than anything else, and love kawaii things, Puricute is for you!
It's really easy and fun since it needs you to make all the decoration. Just register your account, when you're done with that, upload a super cute photo (it's better if you choose a close-up), and start decorating with frames, glitter and everything you want!
Then you upload it to your gallery and choose whatever to do with it: embed it, save it, mail it or even get stickers just like real Purikura! Of course you have to pay for them, but it's quite inexpensive..

So.., what are you waiting?! Go and try these great programmes!

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