Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Denominación de Origen; Urban Tribes

Last night I was told to watch "la sexta", a Spanish TV channel, because they were going to talk about urban tribes, including lolitas, and my friend Tamar was going to appear.
Not only they cut the part Tamar talked, they talked about almost 10 different kinds of "tribes" in less than 20 minutes, and like always they misinformed everyone about everything.

At minute 0.56 the lolitas appear, Merkades the first. It's not the first time she does this, she already gave quite a few interviews for different media. So I'm sure she explained very good what lolita is, buuut they managed to 'cut cut cut cut' everything, so you don't get anything clear; and it's alright with me.., I hate this kind of "let spread our lolita knowledge", because I want it for just a few of us..
The thing that got me on my nerves was at minute 3.40 a cute girl claims to be a gothic lolita, which is obvious she's not!
She starts talking and misinforming about the fashion with things like: lolita is inspired by barroque and byzantine, when you look at her, can you see any barroque?!
And byzantine!!! Oh my.., that was just so full of fail! Does she even know what byzantine is?! I guess not! Or things like mixing style names or not knowing the name of some.

Anyway.., that's why I hate lolita on TV.., can't we just keep it private?

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