Monday, October 26, 2009

Dossier Urban Tribes: Lolitas

A week ago, Cuatro, a TV channel from Spain made a dossier about Lolitas, and against all predictions, it wasn't bad.
They kind of spent a "lolita day", totally utopic, I must say, with three lolitas, two of them being Alicia and Merkades from Doll Stories, and talked about the fashion and about lolita ideals, which fell again with all those hatred topics.

It was over all good, since it was quite professional, and not some ridiculous interview with pathetic journalists laughing about the girls interviewed.
After the video, they invited a lolita to the set to chat a bit about the fashion.
It was a nice surprise to see Evangeline there, she always looks so sweet and I love her smile.

What I didn't like at all is that none of the journalist appeared to be interested enough to give their own opinion about the whole thing. I was really expecting to hear whet they thought about it, while being polite.

Anyway, an utopic interview, cute indeed, but nothing out of this world.

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