Thursday, August 4, 2011

I gave you all that I have inside, and you took my love..

♪♫ I keep crying,
I keep trying for you..
There's nothing like you and I baby


♪♫ No Ordinary Love - Sade ♫♪

Yesterday, Luc and I went to the cinema to watch Cars 2, he was so excited!! Then I realized it's been more than a year and a half that I last went to the movies, and it was back in 2009 to watch Harry Potter & the half blood prince.
I guess next Wednesday we're going to watch The Deathly Hallows part 2.. :D







Skirt: Pull&Bear.
T-shirt: French Bazaar.
Shoes: Blanco
Bracelet: LEVI'S


I wore this incredibly short and airy skirt I bought last December and I don't think I'll wear it on summer ever again; really people! How do you do it? I felt like I was showing my butt all the time. I think I'll wear it only at winter time with very thick stockings when nothing will be shown xDD

And here some photos of my Luc and I at the cinema. By the way, I liked the movie a lot, which means a lot to Luc since I didn't like the first one that much; but my son LOVES Cars with a passion of thousand suns, so.. xD
Something I don't get here in Spain is why there's only salty popcorn and no sweet popcorn, I never got to buy sweet anywhere!! Why can't they have both?! >.<




  1. ¡La falda y los zapatos son una pasada! Pues mira, yo mido 1,73 (he encogido haha) y realmente me va corto el vestido.. Pero bueno, es verano no pasa nada xD

    Besitos hermosa ~

  2. Hahaha, eso es por que tengo las piernas muy cortas, por lo que parece que soy bajita xD ¡Ojalá tuviera las piernas largas como tu! =( Me encantaría que fueran quilométricas xD

  3. ains esa falda esta divina, y me gusta mucho tu anillo de buho :D los amo.
    Espero puedas pedir los oxford ^^ valen la pena, y con respecto a la plantilla, se supone que debería usarla porque tengo pies planos XD, pero a veces no me entra en todo zapato, en estos si podré jejee

  4. ay sobre el tema que se te vean las bragas (que fina xD) no te preocupes no eres la unica que teme por eso a mi me da asta asquete verle el culo a la de enfrente xD mi truco es que como me gusta llevar vestidos / camisetas largas tengo shorts de los colores que mas uso, asi mamarillo, rosa etc, y asi ni se me ve el culo cuando voy corta y puedo ponerme vestido libremente si voy en vicicleta ^O^!

    PD. decirte que esta falda es una preciosidad!! adoro tu ratatouille! *_*

  5. I feel the same way about short skirts! I'm jealous of girls who just walk in minis with such confidence. Here in Barcelona now cinemas make huge buckets of popcorn with a partition and it's half salty and half sweet.


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