Monday, May 9, 2011


Today I went to buy a dress at BLANCO STOCK, a BLANCO store that sells clothes from the past season for half the price. there were lots of cute dresses, but most of them were strapless, and I'm not really a strapless person.. xDD

I must say that I didn't buy anything, mostly because I didn't have anyone to tell me if I looked good, OK, or just plain bad. Buuuuut, I took photos of the dresses I tried on.
I had to try some lots of times because my hips are wider than I thought (one of the many reasons Lolita clothes look good on me, you don't get to see them hips.. xD)

Forgive the bad photos, but it was very uncomfortable to take them in that hot reduced space.

These are two of my 4 favourites,
but I wish the red one would be longer.

The other two out of my four favourites.
The mother of one of my son's friends owns the one of the left,
and she looks so much better on it than me!
And the purple one is actually the one that suits me the best,
but even though I like it I wouldn't have what to wear it with..

These two, even though they look so much better IRL are discarded.

So, what do you think? Of course I was in hurry taking the photos, and the light isn't the best, because the colours are so much brighter in person.
Tomorrow I'll try to go with my husband and see what he thinks, or not, because he's a living dead in the morning; and I don't know how I'll be tomorrow since I got this seasonal flu that's driving me nuts and my headaches are killing me, not to mention my poor nose..

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