Thursday, May 5, 2011

Interior Design or "How I'd like my home to be"

I don't know you, but I always wanted to live inside interior design magazines, so having a house of your own gives you the chance to decorate it as you please; that if your husband (and I'm talking about certain husband I know, here) is willing to please you.

Both of us have very different views on what we like, I prefer beauty over functionality and he prefers functionality and cheapness over beauty; well to be honest he doesn't appreciate my view on beauty.
This makes it really hard to decorate the house to the point that we don't even have curtains in the living-room! xDDD
Anyway, I'm glad I have a room just for me painted purple that I'm slowly starting to decorate.

I don't really have a definite style I like, I like too many different things, colours and furnitures, so one day I like it one way and the next I want something completely different.
So here I compiled a bunch of photos of what I'd like my house to be..

This would be pretty much the house of my dreams;
a little but comfy cabin, loft-like in pastel colours.
via house dreams

If there's something that drives me crazy, are attics!
They always look so cozy!!
1. Kanazoku - 2. house dreams - 3. Home-Designing

The living-room would be difficult task since that's where I spend more time,
and I'd probably get bored of it easily.
So maybe light colour would be the best option,
but as long as it's cluttered with books and shelves i think it's OK!
1. unknown - 2. cottonblue - 3. ginaleekim - 4. Country Living

The kitchen and dining-room must have lots of light
because working in the dark is very annoying. And even though
I prefer light colours, pastels, kitschy and retro kitchens,
sometimes dark and rustic ones attracts me a lot!
1. Wonderlane - 2. tumblr - 3. Unknown - 4. tumblr - 5.

via Donna Griffith Photography

1. tumblr - 2. allsorts - 3. tumblr - 4. Kitty Bobbins - 5. OldNewAgain

Special spots are also a must for me!

1. desire to inspire - 2. Country Cottage - 3. tumblr - 4. tumblr

A room like this one, with blue painted wallpaper
and white curtains and furniture would be more than perfect!
via sandypandycandy@LJ

Lots of light is something I really appreciate, so light colours and
big windows with pretty curtains would be my choice for the bedroom.
But I don't really think my husband would agree on that,
he descends from the Count Dracula.. xD
1. style-files - 2. rue magazine - 3. attiladesign - 4. digsdigs

I already have the lights to do this, heart-shaped lights;
I'm only missing the bed for my room, and I want this one from IKEA.
1. - 2. tumblr

Mirrors, frames, photographs and pictures are some of me weakness,
so of course the walls must be full of them!
I hate naked walls!
1. knack - 2. tumblr - 3. Desing*Sponge - 4. nikoline

And about the bathroom, I only want it to be very ventilated and spacious,
nothing really fancy.
Since it's something you have to clean like everyday
I don't want something very complicated, I hate cleaning the bathroom!

And you, do you live in your dream home or are you like me submitted to someone else's choices?

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  1. Oh dios mío, ¡yo también quiero así mi futura casa! Son todas tan 'cozy' *v*


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