Monday, May 2, 2011

Syrup Summer 2011 Catalogue.

Like I mention in this post I was a little late for Syrup's spring catalogue, but for the summer one I'm on time!
I loved this one too, but to be honest the clothes look too hot for Toledo's summer days.

Here are some of my favourite looks, let's see what you think!

(I'm crazy about this green skirt up here
and it's not on the site or the catalogue

I realized that, for me, wearing these clothes to go out would be a little too simple, but to lounge around the house would be excellent and so comfy yet cute!

And here a collage I made with my favourite pieces.

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  1. que bonita la ropa *_* me encantarian un par de faldas que muestran

    los zapatos de lovely shoes son muy comodos! al menos los 2 pares que tengo lo son y me han durado lo justo, uno obtiene lo que paga pero si quieres comprar zapatos que sabes que no vas a usar diario, es una buena idea, sobre todo cuando van a pasar de moda y no te quieres gastar una pasta :)


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