Monday, May 9, 2011

Movie: The Help

Last year I read a wonderful and delightful book called The Help by Kathryin Stockett, it was there, brand new at the library. What caught my eye were actually the cookies on the cover of the book, because the title in Spanish it's not really appealing "Criadas y Señoras" (Maids & Madams).
I won't review the book, but if you have time, please read it, it's so easy to read and great! I actually read it in 2 days since by the time my PC wasn't working.. xDD

Anyway.., I knew there was a movie on the way about the book, and I can't really wait to watch it. I think it's due in August in USA, but I don't know here in Spain, but of course it will be much later. (Ahh, Spain and your ridiculous waiting time for releasing movies from the US)

Here, watch the trailer, it'll give you a general idea of what's the story about.

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  1. Que interesante se ve! me encanta el vestuario jiji

    Tijuana es el lugar mas feliz del mundo porque, ademas de que lo dice Krusty el payaso en los Simpsons xD, para los gringos es el lugar mas cercano de Mexico donde hay diversidad de cultura y esta lleno de bares, prostitutas, arte, etc. Es decir, es el lugar donde los gringos van, se vuelven locos un par de dias y regresan a su vida aburrida en USA XD


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