Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day

We had a quiet Christmas Eve at home,
the three of us together.
We ate gnocchi cooked by me as a gift to my husband.
We are a very Italian family! xDD

It took me two hours to make these..,
I ended up so tired and with flour everywhere! xDD

My husband made his super special spicy sauce for him and our son.
Me not like.. xP

And mine only with cheeeeeese!

I didn't dress-up, so you don't get a photo of me,
but here I come with some x-mas tree and gifts!

These were taken after my son went to bed at midnight

Unwrapping his presents; Cars, Hotwheels, Afro-Kens!!

Chucho got a present as well..!

Assembling his Hotwheels Car Wash.

And here you have me at 7.30 in the morning after unwrapping gifts,
just about to go back to bed.., or couch in this case.. xDD


  1. Tu tocado es espectacular, vamos, nada que envidiar a Angelic Pretty ni nada de eso, jajajajaja!!!

    Ay, que monísimo tu niño desenvolviendo regalos, pa comérselo, de verdad!!!

    Oye dile a tu marido que me pase la receta de esa salsa picante, que a mi me gusta mucho el pique!!

    Ay mi Sistinas, que es lo más *introduzca aquí un dibujo de corazón gigante* del mundo!

  2. Eres como yo, que me como la pasta solo con queso!! Yo me uno a Saha, ese tocado ni Angelic Pretty!

  3. pero que buena pinta tenían los gnocchis!! *¬*


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