Friday, December 18, 2009

Luc's 9th B-day (2)

Ryu-chan's b-day was on December 8th, but he didn't celebrated with his friends until the 14th due to some non-working days and problems with the place we were "renting" (it was actually for free, that's why it was so hard to get it, everyone wants it! xDD)

We invited 20 kids, but only attended 11, such a pity because there was so much food my husband brought, hot chocolate and lots of candy.
But unfortunately it was a really cold day and there was another kid from his class that celebrated his b-day the same day.. =_=
Next year I'll have a talk with his mother so it won't happen again.. ^^;

The first group arrives at the party, kids and not so kids.. xDDD

Dancing, playing and jumping around..

And that's all! xDDD
I couldn't take more photos, I didn't even get one of myself..,
there was so much to do.., cleaning, screaming, serving..,
I ended SOOOOOO tired that day.. xDD

But here you have two photos of Ryu-chan's gifts.., he was so happy!!
Especially with the magic set! *hint hint at the red hair girl ♥*

And the next day I dressed up just like I was at the party, but with no make-up.. xDD

Dress: milk
Turtle-neck: ZARA
Socks: Calzedonia
Shoes: Salus
Headband: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Coat: Normandie

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  1. Luc's party looked so fun!!

    Oh, I adore your outfit and your shoes are so gorgeous.


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