Monday, December 7, 2009

Getting Ready for the Birthday

So, tomorrow is my Son's b-day, he'll be 9 years old so soon.., so big! *mother tears*
We'll just have an intimate celebration, only the three of us, since the family is quite far from here, like 10000km. xDDD
Next Monday he'll celebrate with his friends at the park *so many terrible kids wondering around.., shivers*

Daddy is making the b-day cake, poor him.., this years he'll have to make two of them.., yay!!! I can't wait to see it already.., and eat it, of course!! xDD

Anyway.., today I made a b-day banner to hang in the wall so it's not that naked.. I yet have to hang it, but I need the paper punch my husband has to bring from work.

He's an Iron Maiden fan, so when choosing the font
I found this one and He had to have it!! xDD

The banner is in Spanish: "Luc, Feliz Cumple" / (Happy b-day, Luc)


  1. Seguro que lo pasaréis genial... queremos fotos del pastel y por supuesto, que le des muchas felicidades a Luc, que se las merece!!!

  2. ¡Que bonito!
    Ojalá mi novio supiera hacer tartas xD Aunque mejor no, o estaría redondita como una pelota jiji
    Muchas felicidades a tu hijo y espero que haya recibido muchos regalitos =P


  3. Muchas felicidades para tu pequeño gran hombre!! y para toda la familia, espero que lo paséis genial!!
    Opino como Hikari... ojalá el mío supiera hacer tartas.. o tortillas, o huevos fritos... con algo, me conformaría XDXD


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