Thursday, December 3, 2009

Movies I want to live in # 1: Edward Scissorhands

Today I'll start a series of posts about movies I'd love to live in.. This would particularly apply to Mr. Burton and Miyazaki-san, two of my favourite directors!
Both of them have the talent to create wonderful worlds (apart from movies, of course), even if they are destroyed, dark or devastated..

If you ask me which is my favourite movie, I'd say that Edward Scissorhands is one of them, I remember when I went to the cinema with my aunt and my cousins to watch the film when it opened.., I came out totally in love with it at the end of the film; and I remember saying: "Oh my!! That was the hot guy from 21 jump street! Johnny Depp!! *O*
So apart for wanting a Depp for myself, I'd love to live inside this film!

Hell yes! To a cheesy town like this one!
I want the pink car!

What an awesome and creepy castle to have
at the top of your pastel coloured town!

An Avon dealer as a neighbour?
YES, please!

Who dresses like Jackie O?!
Please, YES!

That is such a cute blue telephone!!

Not too fond of the water bed..,
Edward wasn't either.. xDD

A pastel coloured tree house, and Johnny as a gardener?
This is movie is a dream!

Plus he's awesome!

I already have a cook that chops as fast as Johnny does, but..
can I have them both?

A garden party that ends in a hair-cut party!!

Cheesy vans.., yeah.., those were so cool back in the days..

I would do SO much with a drunk depp! xDDD

A 50s restaurat..
Let's have a steak with a milk-shake!

Who wouldn't want Vincent Price as one's father?

Ice figures in the attic.., as I said.., a dream..

So, tell me.., wouldn't it be awesome to live in this film?!


  1. a very inspiring post. I love this film.

  2. Amor de peli (L) a mi no me gustaría vivir ahí la verdad T__T cuando la ví era algo pequeña y aunque sabía que Edward era bueno me traumó.... xD

    por cierto sobre Lily Cole, si bueno, una mujer normal, con sus metros y tal xDD y unas tetas... (me he pasado todo el día hablando de sus tetas xD)

    y por cierto 2, si quieres algo de lo de Sonia Rykiel dimelo eh q te lo conseguimos Libe y yo este sábado! ;)

  3. AMO a Tim Burton T__T
    y esque él junto a Depp es lo mejor del mundo!
    Yo acabé enamorada de Edward cuando acabé de ver la peli, y lloré como nunca en la escena final T__T!
    es tan bonita!
    Sin duda, Tim es uno de mis directores favoritos, junto a Tarantino~~!

  4. sold! i would definitely live in this movie with you, inspiring post. loved it!


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