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Dublin on Monday, November 14th 2011

In one of my last posts I wrote I was going on vacations for a few days, well, last Monday I went with my son and my husband to Dublin, Ireland. The truth is that the plan was Athens, Greece, but with al the chaos going on there we thought it was better to wait, and choose another destiny. The options were Bruges, Belgium; Amsterdam, Netherlands & finally Dublin, Ireland. I preferred Amsterdam or Bruges, but Dublin's flights were cheaper on such short notice.

Our flight was delayed and hour, so when we arrived at Dublin we had only an hour of daylight, since at 5pm. it's night already. We went sightseeing the hotel whereabouts and then to Temple Bar, the place were most pubs are located.
We wanted to have dinner early because we were really tired, 'cause we knew the kitchens there close at 10pm and because Luc couldn't be at pubs after 9pm.
We found a nice place, but quite pricey (but then again, everything is double priced at Temple Bar) called Quay Restaurant, and we ordered, two burgers and a lamb stew. I never in my life ate stew, now I want to eat it every day this winter, hahahahha!

When we were heading back to our hotel, I found a Forever 21, a Primark & a H&M. At Forever 21 I didn't like anything, really, people who always buy there have amazing stuff, but I didn't find anything nice, and it happened the same at H&M. At Primark I bought some accessories and socks. I wanted to buy so many color block dresses, but I didn't buy any of them since my husband & son had already bought too much and we hadn't much space in our suitcases. I only bought a pair of boots, because both pair of shoes I took there hurt my feet really bad and with the rain I had my socks wet the whole time!

I don't really have much photos of the first day since we did almost nothing, but this was the only day I got proper photos of my outfits. I really wanted to make outfit shots, but my husband is not fond of them and doesn't have the patience to do it DD:

Guinness - Dublin, Ireland.

Quay Restaurant - Dublin, Ireland.

Quay Restaurant - Dublin, Ireland.

Quay Restaurant, Temple Bar - Dublin, Ireland.

Guinness Brewer - Dublin, Ireland.

Emily Temple cute Trump Cat pt. in Purple.

Emily Temple cute Trump Cat pt. in Purple.

Dress: Emily Temple cute.
Cardigan: 47th Street.
Cutsew: Bershka.
Tights: Calzedonia.
Shoes: Sechuna.
Bag: Street Market.
Headband: Baby the Stars Shine Bright.
Accessories: Chocomint & Bijou Brigitte.

Emily Temple cute Trump Cat pt. in Purple.


  1. Gorgeous dress! Hope you had a great time in Dublin, I've never been but it sounds nice. And I agree with you, pub food is awesome.

  2. Hey yo quisiera ir a Irlanda :) y encontrarme haditas y duendes XDD que bien que te fuiste a pasear!!!

    Muy lindo conjunto

  3. Esa guinnes me ha dejado salibando!! No tenia ni idea que te habías ido de vacaciones, ya decía yo que estabas totalmente desaparecida! jajaja! Me encanta ese vestido de Emily (tampoco sabia que lo tenias LOL) lo añado a mi lista de cosas que tengo que robar :P :***

  4. pero QUE GUAPA *____________* como te lo haces que cada vez que sales a la calle sales mas divina??! estas guapisisisisma ♥

  5. @Celia: Thanks a lot! I had a great time in Dublin, but I think it's better to go with friends or in couples without children! xDD

    @Ruzu: Seguro que las hay, aunque yo solo encontré borrachos por doquier! xDD

    @Evichu: Jjajajaja, sip, me fugué sin avisar a nadie! xDDD

    @natsi: Muchisimas gracias, pero yo me se de una que tambien esta guapisima cada vez que sale!


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