Saturday, November 26, 2011

It was a perfect day but I couldn't enjoy it without you

♪♫ Why do I always end up in situations that are bad for me?
How come I don't fall in love with normal people?
and why don't normal people fall in love with me?
I don't think I'm that strange
Do you think I'm strange?


♪♫ Jackie Jackie - Sally Shapiro ♫♪

After I came back from Dublin I've been sick in bed, I don't usually have fever, but this time I did, that's why I didn't feel like posting about the trip and I couldn't visit all your blogs. But yesterday I was totally recovered so my son and I went for a walk to get some films from the library for this weekend. My son picked "To Kill a Mockingbird", which he loves and I choose "The Teahouse of the August Moon", because my husband and I are big Marlon Brando fans and the film it's so funny!!

What I wore I had already worn it a week ago, when we were coming back from Dublin, but I didn't get a proper shot of the outfit, and it irked me so much that I had to recreate it. I love the colours, it's so autumnal but cheerful at the same time thanks to the red details!

I'll be posting about Dublin in the next days, and probably recreating some more outfits that didn't get the credit they deserved! xDDD And also visiting and commenting on your blogs!













Dress: Zara.
Cardigan: 47th Street.
Tights: Primark.
Boots: Atmosphere (Primark).
Beret: Atmosphere (Primark).
Scarf: Handmade by my Godmother.
Beret Brooch: Alice et June.
Belt: Blanco.
Accessories: Bijou Brigitte & Blanco.
Lips: Ruby by NYX.


And look, what a beautiful sunset!! I love sunny cold days, they are my favourite!



  1. Dios mio que combinacion tan bonita, si te luce el rojo slut XDDD
    mira que me encanta como se ve ese vestido con tanta capa.
    Que lástima que estés enferma V_V asi vine yo de Alemania, pero espero que pronto te recuperes.

    Pd. Por cierto en mi tienda tengo el 15%off con el cupon PRINCESS cuando canceles. en mi blog puedes entrar, por si te animas

  2. es tan precioso el conjunto <3 de verdad que te las ingenias para que el rojo vaya con todo!! <3 <3 y el lugar donde estas es muy bonito y pictorico :)

  3. LOVE your style!!

    the way you layer things here looks so cute!


  4. Me encantan los colores! Las medias y el gorrito amarillos quedan genial con el estampado del vestido. Espero que te acabes de recuperar pronto :)

  5. @Ruzu: Wahahahaha, rojo slut! Me encantó!!!

    @Adri: Muchas gracias, guapa! Y la verdad es que nunc se me habia ocurrido hacer fotos en ese lugar, lo mejor es que en primavera por ahi hay almendros! <3

    @Lindsay: Thank you honey!

    @Celia: Muchas gracias, la verdad es que cuando compré las medias llevaba ese vestido y fue como "tengo que tenerlas" y cuando vi la boina, fue como navidad!! xDDD


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