Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Inspiration: KERA streetsnaps (October 2011)

It's Kera's snaps time! But I wasn't to fond of this month's magazine snaps, only a few this time. I realized how much I like couples coordinates, I enjoy a lot seeing such different styles worn by couples!
And red, you can see how much I love red in my with my coordinates, but I also love red on everyone else.

And since there are so little snaps, I bring you a photo-shot I loved, because who doesn't dress-up and look herself in the bathroom mirror, and some coordinates I'd love to wear!


Kera October


  1. amo la kera, y ya tenia ratos de no bajarla XD, es mas mi favorita es la Alice deco a la mode, no se si ya hay nueva, la voy a buscar :D.


  2. las fotos del baño son lo mejor!! que bien logradas estan <3

  3. me encanta la del tiburon y el peinado de la primera >3<!!

  4. Secundo lo de las fotos en el baño, sobre todo la de la sombrilla me encanta ^^

    la kera es genial :D


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