Monday, August 15, 2011

2 weeks until my birthday.

I'll be 31 years old in 2 weeks; last year I was incredibly depressed, but this year it's not that terrible since I'm already old.. xDD

Some of you might have seen these wish-list I made to help the people that wanted to give me something but didn't know what to. The funny thing is that a year later I only got three things from the list, 3 out of 17!!!

So this year the lists are the same, except for the clothes for Aprilia that Tamar gave me with a beautiful dress for me; the boater hat I bought some weeks ago; and a flickr paid account I bought these last x-mas. And it's not that I got other things that are not here and people felt like giving, I only got what Tamar gave me, and some chocolates from my husband.., and that's it!! DDD:

Anyway these are the lists I collaged..:

The Affordable B-day Wish-list

Affordable B-day Wishlist

The Expensive & Impossible B-day Wish-list

Expensive & Impossible B-day Wishlist


  1. Que bonita lista de regalos *__* yo quisiera también telefono y camaras vintage T_T y obviamente ropa lolita, pero no money jajaja.
    Por cierto ya te sigo en el Twitter, soy ruzu_corner :D


  2. que felicidad :D me encanta saber que falta poco para mi cumple :) aunque nunca hago wishlist porque como tu, rara vez me regalan algo xD
    pero son bastante razonables las peticiones que haces :) vamos que los lentes de sol en forma de corazon cuestan muy poquito en ebay! posiblemente sea bueno que pongas donde conseguirlos y cuanto cuestan? asi tus amigos pueden elegir algo dentro de su presupuesto :D solo una opinion, igualmente diviertete en tu cumple con regalos o no! <3

  3. Yo mataría por esos broches que pusiste <3 ¿Dónde se consiguen? (Jiji, a ti te faltan dos semanas y a mí sólo un día)

  4. Hi ! Your blog is very cute and I agree with you on not wanting to grow up ! Who said we have to grow old after all ? :) I like cute things as well ! I'd like us to follow each other, I hope you like my blog too ! I am also on Poupee, my name there is princessv...gonna ask you to be friends ;) Kisses from Italy !

  5. Me gusta eso de las dos "listas" para el cumple XDDD Yo creo que todas tenemos alguna!

    Pues muchas felicidades adelantadas!! Espero que tengas un día genial y que por lo menos te caiga algo de esa wishlist imposible XD

  6. ¡yo los cumplo el 26! (26, todo sea dicho xD)


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