Friday, August 5, 2011

Brand: Las Oreiro

As you probably know I'm an Argentinian living in Spain, so even if I live in the north hemisphere, I can't help looking at the south hemisphere fashion, especially some local brands I adore!

This time I want to introduce a brand called "Las Oreiro", named after both creators; Natalia (an actress) and Adriana Oreiro, which is mainly retro inspired clothes, 50s mostly.
Las Oreiro have just released their 2012 Spring/Summer collection and circus inspired, probably inspired by the book/movie "Water for Elephants", but that's just my guess seeing that Ringling Brothers poster in the photo shot.. ;D

Las oreiro

I'm not really into circuses, I really hate how they always treated animals (plus I hate clowns with all my heart xD), but I really like the thematic, it's colourful and somehow magical!

Las Oreiro site & shop


  1. Ains esas chicas hacen cosas muy bellas :D amo el retro y sí también detesto los payasos XD uno me hizo llorar de niña ajajajaja,aunque no me agrada eso de los animales, mientras sean domésticos y de ahí que la temática de circo no es tan mal :)
    me gustaría ver esa película o leer el libro, dicen que esta buena.
    el último vestido me gusta mucho


  2. oh lala! el vestido rojo es bellisimo


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