Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday's Favourites #33

1- Pink straw bag from Liz Lisa  /  2- Plant sweatshirt from syrup  /  3- Flower headband from Modcloth  /   
4- Flower ear-hook from Paris Kids  /   5- Lace skirt from Taobao  /  6- Socks from Stradivarius  /  7- Hot pink shoes from &sloe  /   
8- Pink prism nail polishes from Etude House  /   9- Lace cuffs pants from Taobao


  1. Hola! Te he conocido a través de bee y de verdad tienes un blog precioso de visitar, un estilo único, me ha encantado.
    Las cosas que nos enseñas la mayoria son de tiendas desconocidas para mí, pero me ha parecido super cute. Igual que todo lo de Etude Houseque tengo unas ganas increibles de probar.

    Te sigo desde ahora. Un besito

  2. Ésta vez la sudadera se lleva mi medalla!!! me encanta!

    Besos rojos ;)

  3. me encantan las flores para el pelo (L)!!

  4. Very fresh finds!!! Love the sweatshirt and headband!!!

  5. me gustan los calcetines cortos y las tiaras con flores, espero hacer unos cuantos

  6. oh my, your favourites are so amazing! i'm loving each of these !!! <3

  7. This list literally screams spring and I love it! I'm loving those cute pink socks, and would love to add those two pink nail polishes to my collection...can you tell that I'm obsessed with pink? :)

    How are you sweetie? Did you have a good weekend?

    Lots of love,

    xx Ivana

    Macarons and Pearls

  8. this is so pretty, spring and mint so really great for this season :)


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